Parking comes at a price

Aug 172005
Authors: Cari Merrill

At $110 a pop, parking permits for incoming freshmen students living in the residence halls are not cheap.

Want to avoid paying an extra $12 to $20 during move-in? Follow these rules and regulations from CSU Parking Services.

Beginning Monday at 7:30 a.m., hung tag permits must match signs that appear at the entry of each parking lot. But until then, students can park anywhere on campus with the exception of faculty lots and metered parking, which students must still have loose change to pay for said Mike Rose, director of parking services. .

As for freshmen move-in dates, parking services is easing up on restrictions temporarily.

Bike lanes in front of residence halls will be open from 8am to 5 pm today for students to park their vehicles long enough to unload their belongings and then move the vehicles out of the bike lanes to a parking lot said Communications Coordinator of Housing and Dining Services Tonie Miyamoto .

But be forewarned, if students are going to leave their cars in the temporary unloading zones, students are then at the mercy of parking services and the CSU Police Department. Warnings will be given and tow trucks will be ready. For vehicles that are not moved to a parking lot or off-street parking, they will be towed. To retrieve a vehicle, students must go through CSUPD, as parking services will no longer be involved, Rose said.

Commuter students, for example freshmen who are living at home in the Fort Collins area, can pay $85 to obtain a parking permit that will last for the academic school year. Along with a lower price, commuter students are only allowed to park in the "Z" lots or pay for a meter.

The amount in fines ranges from $12 for an expired meter to $17 for having the wrong permit for the lot parked in. An even steeper fine comes from parking in a loading zone. That alone is a $20 violation. In addition, for every 20 minutes a car is parked in a loading zone, the owner is slapped with another $20 fine said Cindy Leinweber, assistant director of parking services .

Incoming freshmen as well as other CSU students might wonder why parking services enforces such strict regulations on where a student can park.

Due to a few bad apples in the bunch, students now must match the color of their hang tag parking permit to the sign that is visible upon entering each parking lot, Rose said.

The problem that occurred in the past was that some students living on the far northwest part of campus (in residence halls like Westfall and Durward) or far west part of campus (in halls located near Ingersol) would drive to class and use parking spaces in Braiden, leaving those students hung out to dry when it came to finding a parking space.

"Being a resident student means you live on campus and walk to class," Leinweber said.

Even though parking on campus is convenient, students have other alternatives.

Transfort provides free bus service to all fee-paying CSU students. Students take their CSU ID and pick up a bus pass at the information desk on the main level of the Lory Student Center.

If students must drive to campus and do not want to park their cars in the permit lots or the meters, it is possible to park off campus on the streets surrounding campus. Just remember the free parking does not last.

For more information, visit the Parking Services website at

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