Aug 172005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

With the start of a new school year comes the beginning of party chaos. Almost every year, CSU and the Fort Collins community have to face the negative consequences of alcohol abuse and unruly parties, especially during the start of a new term.

Last year was particularly eye opening in terms of alcohol's negative affects.

The beginning of the fall 2004 semester may have held some indication of troubled times ahead when two large riots erupted the weekend before the semester even started.

Tear gas was dispersed at the scene of both incidents, and while there were no serious injuries, damage was done to surrounding properties, including cars and street signs.

CSU and Fort Collins officials do not take these actions lightly. Under a Colorado law passed in 2002, any person convicted of engaging in riotous behavior will be suspended from a state university for at least 12 months, in addition to fines and potential jail time.

The death of CSU student Samantha Spady last fall from acute alcohol poisoning pushed university officials to start an Alcohol Task Force to investigate the prevalence and problems associated with binge drinking.

Months later, the community was shocked to hear of the death of Bennett Bertoli from a mix of alcohol, methadone and tranquilizers, according to the Larimer County coroner.

Now that the Task Force has released its recommendations to President Larry Penley, the university is working to put their ideas into motion to help prevent these tragedies from occurring again.

These are steps to help prevent further tragedies on the CSU campus. Incomming students, whether new or returning, should embrase these policies and the goals of them. Everybody's safety is the principal concern, and we should all take responsibility to care for each other and ourselves. If you party, please party responsibility. We don't want to report any more tragedies that could have been prevented.

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