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Aug 022005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Renting a place to live is almost an inevitable part of a student's life. One step closer to ultimate freedom – it's not like living in a residence hall under university supervision, but it's not like living in a house with parents either. Unfortunately with freedom comes responsibility – and landlord issues.

The inconsiderate renters who trash the house and leave the yard unkempt, give all renters a bad name. Some student renters may throw huge parties and turn property owners into slum lords, but not all students do that.

Some landlords never fix what is broken and keep the security deposit for unfair reasons, but some make efficient repairs and don't scam their renters.

Clear expectations at the beginning of a rental agreement and consistent communication for the duration of the lease can solve most problems.

Both renters and landlords need to treat each other with the respect they deserve.

Renters need to consider that their actions could permanently damage someone else's property. Landlords need to remember that first-time student renters may not know what to expect when renting a place.

Student renters need to take the precautions necessary to protect themselves from getting ripped off. But landlords need to be responsible as well by clearly stating their expectations.

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