Jul 192005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It is time for a wake-up call.

As a community, we've watched as alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related accidents have torn apart CSU, Fort Collins and the state of Colorado. The number of alcohol-related deaths of CSU students in the past year is absolutely astounding.

On July 9, two CSU students killed in a car crash in Windsor both had blood-alcohol levels higher than the legal limit. The story sounds a little too familiar.

After each tragedy, the school mourns and works to remind everyone of the dangers of drinking. This is no different. We all need a reminder that drinking and driving is never a good ending to a night out.

During the school year, the Collegian runs numerous articles about the importance of alcohol safety. We tell you to make sure you have a designated driver, to be sure your friends aren't drinking too much and to be aware of all that is happening around you. Just because it's summer, we can't pretend these issues don't exist. Don't think that summer fun can overshadow the responsibility that comes hand-in-hand with drinking.

With the creation of the alcohol task force and other initiatives, President Penley and the administration are working to rid our community of such misfortune. With education, we can learn from these horrific accidents and work to make better decisions about our social choices.

This is our wake-up call. This is our time to see the mistakes we've made in the past, learn to grow from them and move on.

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