Jul 122005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

President Bush is on the verge of making perhaps the most important decision of his presidency. The aftermath of the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has left America guessing whom the President will choose to fill the shoes of what was the court's ultimate "swing" vote.

The nomination of a Supreme Court justice is often the enduring legacy of a presidency and this one should be no different. Even more than 9/11, the war in Iraq or any other domestic policy, the man or woman whom Bush empowers will have a greater impact on American's way of life than any previous decision he has made. There is no less at stake than the issues of abortion, medicinal marijuana and the role of the government in citizens lives to name a few.

The people of the United States depend on the Supreme Court to act as the final check against the will of the government. It is important that we have a court that is willing to support the rights of the minority opinions in this country and not one that will vote along political lines or submit to popular demand.

The President is obviously weighing all of his options heavily along with the opinions of advisors, government colleagues and interest groups. Hopefully he is also remembering to consider the opinions of the average American citizen as well.

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