To the Editor

Jul 122005

Donald "Duck" Rumsfeld's recent announcement of the illegal, unjustified Iraq war's continuation into an indefinite time period confirms the truth of the Downing Street "Smoking Gun" memo, don't you think? How huge are the ego's of our leaders that, regardless of the evidence of their nefarious plans they just stay their crooked course in the smug confidence that no one will dare oppose them? But one thing will always oppose human fools who place themselves above the laws of God and man, and that is the Truth. Within every sentient being's mind there is a "tuning fork", for want of a better term, which resonates to Truth alone. That sound and that sensation is pleasing beyond the most glorious music ever played.

As I try to find that sound coming from Washington and most media sources I find only an occasional dim and unsatisfying "ping". How many others, I wonder, are sharing that experience?

I want to hear a symphony of Truth! I want to hear it sung out with passion so we can all release all the pain and tangled emotions this base and baseless war has foisted on us. And I don't think I'm alone in this desire.

Pray for Truth to reign,

Reverend Russ Jones

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