Jul 122005
Authors: Jennae Mendoza

The terrorist attacks in London have left an air of anticipation for the unexpected, a reappearing fear of the unknown-exactly the reaction that the terrorists want. I admire the Brits who returned to their usual busing, the ones who remained distant from the dispersing paranoia and continued on with their daily life. The sneaky people who plant public explosions in pure hatred of another to gain attention for their cause get exactly that-attention.

I'm not saying we should completely ignore terrorists and crack corny jokes about their violent need for attention because their actions obviously kill and pose a constant threat. There have always been the few overlooked, who return in a desperate attempt of acknowledgement or change-the grade school kid that got hit too many times on the head in dodge ball or the bearded guy perched on the rock in the middle of campus shouting about God. Sometimes they're the one after a performance where there's dead silence and a nervous cough because they just weren't that funny or you can't understand what they're saying anyway. They're all seeking attention. Like these overlooked common people, the lack of notice for terrorists propels an inner rage of revenge-for they have been overpowered and ignored by a greater force-the wave of American culture.

There have always been extremists fighting in the name of religion. The Klu Klux Klan, Nazi groups and abortion clinic bombers have all used the Bible to support their homicidal actions. Keep in mind that Bin Laden's principles are the opposite of the customary doctrine of Islam-killing civilians is not allowed.

The terrorists who attacked last week in London like so many of the West's enemies hate us for many reasons. Some of it comes from the control of Israel and the U.S.'s support behind them, the military bases in the origin of Islam and Muhamad, and watching from their poor country, the U.S.'s scattering power and culture which they see as diminishing Muslim values.

In a country where girls paint their windows black and are prohibited to attend schools, our country's free sexuality, individualism and materialism is a great sinful influence that's taking over the world. The terrorists' random spurts of violence, just like Hitler or the abortion clinic bombers, should make us aware, but we need to just get on with our lives.

What I don't understand is that if you want someone to join your little religion or your great movement you should make it peacefully appealing instead of taking the route of the angry outcast. Killing people in their own country isn't a very good advertisement.

One of the most important things I've learned in life is that all over the world a person's religion and ideology is just as strong as another's. A Buddhist in China may believe just as strongly in their faith as a Christian in America. The same goes for terrorists. For them though, we'll leave their cause with the insane for they've failed to coexist calmly in such a mixed world and have failed to take a minute to understand us.

Not everyone is ignorant of the Middle East problems and the more violence that erupts in the U.S. the less exciting it is to help them. Their long-calculated attacks bring more unity and patriotism than panic and diminishes any respect for them rather than upholding their attempt of authority. Their not so slick attention-seeking skills shouldn't disrupt us. Like the Londoners who returned to their buses and the New Yorkers who kept walking through the gray smog to work, we should all move on. They're obviously trying to make us feel the loss and lack of power that they have felt for so many years. Too bad they're not doing it in a very intelligent way.

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