Jul 122005
Authors: Erin Skarda

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Lightening was the cause of a series of small fires that occurred across the Front Range so far this season.

The last in this series was the Turkey Roost fire, which officials think started late in the afternoon Tuesday, July 5.

Mary Ann Chambers, a representative with Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, where the fire occurred, said it took about two days to extinguish the flame. It was out Thursday afternoon.

"The guys work really hard. It took some work to (put it out)," Chambers said.

The fire burned around 4.5 acres of forest located in a remote area 10 miles Northwest of Livermore and 14 miles Northwest of Fort Collins in the Cherokee Park area, Chambers said.

A 10-person crew from Pueblo and local Forest Service and fire personnel responded to the fire, which threatened no structures.

Although many other small fires have occurred, minimal damage has been done. The Rabbit Creek fire burned only less than one-tenth of an acre. The Black Mountain fire, also in the Cherokee Park area, and the Switzerland Trail fire, eight miles West of Boulder, each burned 1.5 acres.

"They've been able to get on them and get them out," Chambers said.

Despite the wet Colorado spring, Chambers said it is important for people to remain careful and alert to prevent fires.

"One message we are trying to get across to people is to be very careful with fire out there," Chambers said. "People shouldn't get complacent because of the wet spring we had."



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