Jul 122005
Authors: Danielle Hudson

It wasn't a usual Saturday playing football on the front lawn. The game being played was only a small break from the cleaning and renovating at the Lighthouse Community Center.

CSU and University of Colorado football players joined members of Timberline Church, 2908 S. Timberline Road, Saturday at the Lighthouse, 709 Wagner Drive, to get it ready for the school year.

CU quarterback Joel Klatt, tight end Joe Klopfenstein and eight other Buffaloes traveled up the road to help 15 CSU players, including safety Ben Stratton and wide receiver David Anderson.

"We were basically just cleaning up, getting ready for the school year. We were tearing up bathroom flooring and getting it ready to lay new tile, while the CU players worked in the kitchen," Stratton said. "We had our own jobs all over the house that kept us pretty busy all day."

Reza Zadeh, CSU student and young adult pastor at Timberline Church, organized the day to bring players together to prepare the house for students moving in and the grand opening on Homecoming weekend. Zadeh said the progress is going well and the house will be ready to open before the fall semester begins.

"The house will be open to the public, students, alumni and the community," Zadeh said. "Homecoming will be the official grand opening, but the house will be open to the public by the time school starts."

The community center will include game rooms, study areas and enough living space for about 20 to 25 people. Zadeh said the students living in the house won't necessarily be Timberline Church members, but people interested in making a difference in the CSU community.

"They go through an intense application process to live in the house," Zadeh said. "The process is to ensure they will be role models for the community and representatives of the Lighthouse."

Formerly the Sigma Pi fraternity house, the Lighthouse was established by the Greek community and Timberline Church for students and community members to find a sober alternative to the usual party scene. The building will also house areas for the Timberline ministry.

The decision to change the building came after the alcohol poisoning death of student Samantha Spady in September 2004 at the house.

"We brought the CSU and CU football teams together to work in the house because Samantha (Spady) died the night of the CSU vs. CU football game," Zadeh said.

Though the teams are known to be bitter rivals, the players witnessed no animosity when they worked together.

"It was awesome that they could come up and help," Stratton said. "It was a positive experience for the whole community."

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