Campus Blotter

Jul 122005

Sunday, July 10th.

Officers helped look for two lost children that became separated from their parents while on a bike ride. The officers found the children at their residence, and notified the parents.

Intrusion alarm at the bookstore. The alarm was activated when a stack of notebooks fell off a shelf.

Unlocked a door at the Biosafety Level 3 lab.

Found several people trespassing in Roland Moore Park. Field interview card was made and the people were released.

Monday, July 11th.

Motor vehicle theft at Agricultural Research Development and Educational Center. A 1991 white Chevrolet extended cab with Colorado state license number 598A77, was stolen on Saturday.

Fire alarm at Glover Building, cause unknown.

Suspicious circumstances at Parmelee Hall. A man heard people talking outside his window about stealing his truck. When he went out to investigate three people took off in a gray or blue Jeep Cherokee.

Suspicious circumstances at Moby Arena. Officers contacted a male riding a bike carrying a bike tire. The party was F.I.d and released.

Suspicious circumstances on the West side of Remington Campus. Two males were found trying doors. The two were F.I.d, warned and released.

Found door open on the East side of Remington Campus. The building was searched, and the door was secured.

Trouble alarm at the Student Recreation Center. The alarm was checked, and the alarm technician was notified.

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