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Jul 052005
Authors: JP Eichmiller

Be Careful With Whom You Choose to Booze

In the views of many within our school and society, drinking alcohol is seen as a right of passage through college. Thanks to a new law created by CSU's own state representative Angie Paccione, (D-Fort Collins), that passage may have to begin a little bit later for some.

Incoming freshmen as well as returning upperclassmen may be a little surprised and upset to learn that the laws for supplying alcohol to minors in Colorado have just been stiffened. The new laws are no doubt an attempt to reverse last years stream of alcohol related incidents among college students. According to USA Today, 1400 college students are dying annually as a result of alcohol consumption.

As of July 1st, supplying alcohol to a minor will now be classified as a class 1 misdemeanor carrying a possible jail time of 6-18 months and/or a fine ranging from $500-$5000. If the thought of jail time or hitting up your parents for cash to pay for your supposed good gesture isn't enough, there is more. House Bill 1306, also enacted July 1, will require that anyone convicted of supplying alcohol to minors lose their drivers license for six months.

While it would be incredibly nieve to believe these enactments will actually halt underage drinking in Fort Collins, the wise among us would be careful to check who it is they are letting into their parties. Kegs can be traced back to the purchaser and no 18-year-old is going to protect your identity when being threatened by the police, school and their parents.

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