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Jul 052005

Friday, July 1

Trespasser at International House – unknown person walked into screen door of apartment there. Search of area and discussions with other residents resulted. No suspect located.

Noise call at 1600 University Village – several children on basketball court were warned to quiet down.

Fireworks reported in Plum X lot – fountain had been set off but no suspects located.

Warned some folks on nearby tennis court regarding open containers.

911 hand up at Ingersoll Hall – misdialed number

Summer student who got locked out of Engineering building during a 'break' was allowed to return and retrieve property.

Intoxicated male near Shields and Westward Streets was checked by Emergency Medical Services and released to sober friend.

Trouble alarm at University Center for the Arts – construction workers were working on the alarm system.

Bike theft at Parmelee Hall since June 3. Blue and silver Schwinn taken.

Non injury accident at Rockwell Hall north lot. Driver hit sign and light pole.

Theft of laptop from 131 Forestry building between May 16 and June 29. . .

Theft of laptop and a projector from 216 Gibbons building between June 10 and 24th.

Theft of bike trailer from building 53 UV between June 23 and 30th.

Checked south and foothills campus, several drivers warned, did building search training at UCA with new officers.

Saturday, July 2

Resident of building 8 UV reported that someone may have gotten into their attic – search revealed no problems.

Driving Under the Influence at Lake and Shields Streets.

Center for Disease Control guards reported suspicious vehicle in that area. Officers searched foothills campus area but could not find the car.

Checked foothills and south campuses – all OK.

Several drivers warned.

Disgruntled parent at basketball playoffs at Recreation Center got into argument with staff there. Officers were able to sort the situation out.

Child at UV got into some medications. Taken to Poudre Valley Hospital and staff and Social Services will follow up.

Fire alarm at Lory Student Center – grease fire in kitchen resulted in evacuation of the building for several minutes. No damage other than food.

Person with twisted ankle at South College Gym went to PVH in their own car.

Person with dislocated wrist at Moby C wing went to PVH by EMS

Several drivers warned, assisted streets department folks with branches in roadways from wind, checked south and foothills campus – all OK.

Call of suspicious person near the pump house at College Lake – Gone On Arrival

Conferee who let unknown person into Durward Hall called later to ask us to check the building for 'the trespasser'. No one found – conferee will call if the person is seen again.

Sunday, July 3

Criminal mischief at Plant Enviornmental Research Center, someone cut 4 hoses sometime between Saturday at 6 p.m., and Sunday at 7 a.m..

Assist to CSU, Student Recreation Center, a basketball coach was having chest pains. The coach refused medical attention.

Medical at the Student Recreation Center on the Intramural field. A college age male was struck in the eye by a softball. The male refused transport.

Assist to CSU, a room was unlocked in Anatomy-Zoology building.

Found a couple of open doors around campus. The buildings were searched, and the doors was secured.

Numerous traffic citations.

Medical, a female injured her knee while playing ultimate frisbee. She was treated at the scene and released.

Locked up two doors that were found to be unlocked.

Checked the transient at the 300 block of Prospect Rd. No one was found.

Monday, July 4

Dealt with a civil concern at UV.

Damage was noticed to a fence at National Wildlife Research Center.

Numerous traffic cites and warnings rounded out the shift.

DUI at Birch St. and City Park Ave.

Trespass to auto parked in the Moby lot. The theft occurred during the fireworks.

Assisted Fort Collins Police Services on an accident at Birch St. and Miller Dr.

Unlocked a door at Aggie village.

Report of people at the water tanks behind CDC. People were there to watch the fireworks. They were told to leave.

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