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Jun 282005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The new tuition increase did not seem to shock or surprise many students on campus when it was announced last week. It appears that students have accepted the idea of rising tuition, even though the last time tuition rose in the double-digit percentile for in-state undergraduates the year was 1985 and Marty McFly was going back to the future.

It's appalling that tuition increases have become acceptable at CSU. And while the new revenue generated from the increases give certain employees long-awaited raises and hire new professors and police officers, once again students are being charged a lot more, while their standard of education remains stagnant.

Raising tuition every year will prevent some students from considering higher education an option at all. Others, willing to make the sacrifices of extra jobs and grueling hours, will take longer to graduate and could burn out before they can finish.

While the university, President Larry Penley and the Board of Governors cannot be blamed entirely; they all are partly to blame. Sharing that blame with them is the Colorado State Legislature. Over the past couple of years state funding for higher education has declined. As of right now no immediate solutions have materialized despite the fact that politicians from both parties said it was their goal to lower the cost of higher education.

Until this state can adequately deal with the budget, funding for higher education will continue to drop. If funding continues to drop, it is going to hit CSU students where it hurts the worst, their bank accounts.

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