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Jun 212005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

As kindergartners, we are taught to share. As college students, sharing becomes a necessity to afford the cost of living. The city of Fort Collins is trying to amend and enforce a law that says sharing with more than two other people is illegal.

This so-called "three-unrelated" ordinance unfairly targets college students who are most likely to live with non-family members.

We understand that residents of Fort Collins want their neighborhoods to look nice and appear inviting, but unkempt properties are often the fault of lazy landlords and not necessarily the occupants of the house.

Yes, sometimes neighbors can be loud and obnoxious, but the number of people living in a house often has little to with that. It is the irresponsibility of specific people that disturbs neighborhoods. A house with three renters is just as likely to have a party that gets out of control as a house with five renters.

If a house has room for more than three people, it is common sense that more should be allowed to live there.

Fort Collins City Council should either abolish the ordinance, or allow zones of houses around the campus to have a higher occupancy limit.

The city could also write and enforce neighborhood covenants, holding landlords accountable for the state of their property.

There is a better solution to the problems of unkempt properties, noise and crowded parking than to limit the number of people that live together.

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