Campus Blotter

Jun 212005


Nights – 2 on

Opened door for grad student at Eddy.

Assisted CDC guards with report of someone throwing things at the construction site. Loveland PD K9 assisted with search but found nothing. On arrival, workers report that some beams fell from their settings – cause unknown and no injury or damage.

Checked a LOT of buildings, south and foothills campus. Lots of folks out and around, but no problems.

Call of suspicious person at Bayfarm Rd. in south campus – was a professor working with bees.

Days – 2.3 on

Elevator rescue at Animal Sciences – custodian got stuck in side for short time. Repair crew contacted.

Call of car fire at Pitkin Z lot was actually jumper cables that shorted – no other damage or injury.

FTO training still underway and checked all the usual items/issues. Pretty quiet.

6/19 Nights – 2 on

929 DUI arrest on Elizabeth

1 TEEP and 1 county traffic cite.

Several TEEP warnings, checked all halls, FTO training of new folks continues.

Checked south and foothills campus – all OK

Days – 2 on

926 Student found his stolen bike at Clark C wing.. He had no proof of owner ship regarding serial number so we secured the bike to the rack until he (or the person using it) can prove ownership.

927 Bike theft at Student Health – older blue Schwinn 10 speed taken between 1:00 and 10:00 AM.

Did some weapon check ins, checked all campuses and several buildings. All OK.

Wrote three municipal traffic cites. Handled some parking issues on the Oval during a wedding there.

6/18 Nights – 2 on

925 Two cited for underage liquor at 402 W. Laurel

Unknown person from same address put a can of spray texture in the roadway and a patrol car hit it and spraying the car. Washed off readily so no permanent damage done. Greek Life following up.

Several intoxicated persons from a conference had an argument near Lake and Meridian. Broken up without a problem.

Couple having an argument at Washington and Laurel were actually making up. Asked to keep the friendly noise down.

Noise call at IHouse basketball court – several persons warned.

Checked south and foothills campuses – all OK.

Days – 3 on

Assisted FCPS with car v. ped accident at Shields and Plum.

Opened classroom at Clark for GRE exams.

Did alarms reviews and checked outlying campuses, buildings, etc.

Very quiet shift.

6/17 Nights – 2 on

923 DUI at College and Prospect.

Assisted FCPS with DUI accident at Shields and Elizabeth.

Welfare check of intoxicated person at Laurel and Mason – NDC

Assisted FCPS with robbery at Laurel and College.

Noise call at Laurel and Washington – three warned.

Lots of BEEP and TEEP warnings given. Checked south and foothills – all OK.

Gave ride home to a juvenile who couldn't get hold of parents.

Days – 2 on

921 Graffiti at Central Receiving truck at their east load dock overnight.

922 Cache of women's undergarments found near the transient camp south of the old Total Station. No suspects or leads to crime known.

Male with breathing problems at Corbett Hall went to PVH by EMS

911 hang up call at Transit Center – no one around on arrival.

2 TEEP cites.

Call to check a door at Palmer Center – officer found it secure.

6/16 Nights – 2 on

920 DUI arrest at Meridian and Lake.

Conferee who drove their car onto the basketball courts near IM field to light them up after hours was warned about driving on roads, not play areas.

Noise calls re kids at UV basketball courts about 2 hours apart. The kids had left the area when officers arrived both times.

Noise call at Laurel and Washington – GOA.

Call of loud bangs near CDC. FPS officer was in the area and checked CDC while our folks checked the rest of foothills campus. Nothing suspicious found by either of us.

Opened door for staff at AZ.

Gave a ride to a Preview conferee who was lost. Several BEEP and TEEP warnings, checked south and foothills campuses – all OK.

Days – 3 on

918 Green and black GT mountain bike stolen from E wing Engineering

Four juveniles warned re loitering near soft drink machine in Aylesworth Hall.

Transient camp behind the Total Station is active again. No one there when officers checked, but we'll be keeping an eye on it.

2 TEEP and 1 BEEP cite, several warnings.

Abandoned bike on Bayfarm Road was impounded.

Assisted EHS with AED maintenance.

Pretty quiet shift.

6/15Nights – 2 on

917 Short chase of speeding vehicle from Pitkin to W. Elizabeth resulted in driver going to jail for hit and run, DWAI, reckless and eluding.

Call of person crawling on sidewalk along Shields. Was doing penance for church.

INA at NCGRP – found perimeter secure – RP notified.

Call of people not leaving the IM fields when Thorguard sounded. They moved when officers arrived.

Several TEEP warnings, checked buildings, lots, etc.

Days – 3.5 on

916 Theft of Preview banner from entry of Braiden Hall

INA at Eddy rooms 2 and 4 – Preview staff set it off.

INA at LSC art gallery – cause unknown.

Assisted with UV safety fair – kids and officers all had fun!

Call of possible assault at football game on 6/14. Mother decided it was just rough football – no crime.

1 TEEP cite. Field Training Officers were busy with new officer trainees.

Checked all the usual issues – all OK.

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