May 082005
Authors: Nicholas LoFaro

Nine Inch Nails, "With Teeth"

Trent Reznor has become more than just an angry and clever musician. He has been out of reach from his fans and followers since the release of 1999's "The Fragile," but the respect that people have for him as an artist, musician and composer has only grown.

Nine Inch Nail's new release entitled, "With Teeth" has been worth the wait. Upon even a first listen through this album, you will find yourself wanting to repeat the songs. Virtually every song on this album is finely tuned to perfection and each has its own potential to be a hit song. Each song on the album is unique and each is easily distinguishable as a Nine Inch Nails song and the work of Trent Reznor's musical originality and genius.

It is Nine Inch Nail's first album in five years, but it is clear that "With Teeth" probably began construction immediately following "The Fragile," because the album has been Trent Reznor's five-year project, and not a single part of this album has been overlooked or left unrefined.

The album opener, "All The Love In The World," is a melancholy piano melody that is so dramatic and dynamic that each change in the song's tempo and rhythm will give you gooseflesh. The good music chills will return to you in the dark and twisted song "Sunspots," where Reznor gives his best impression of a ghost's hymn over low-note piano keys and a sludge-walk bass-line.

There is one very important detail that must not be overlooked on "With Teeth." That one detail is a musician named Dave Grohl.

Grohl has had tremendous success from his role as the Foo Fighter's lead singer – not to mention his fury in his Nirvana days – and has become a sort of hired gun in the modern rock world jumping back and forth from his drum kit to his guitar and back again.

Drumming for Queens Of The Stone Age's "Songs For The Deaf," Garbage's "Bleed Like Me," and playing nearly every instrument on his death-metal side project, Probot, has made Dave Grohl a respected musician all over the world. Perhaps Reznor did not just pick Grohl, but rather, they were just two very intelligent musicians who share the same goals and aspirations and the forces of rock 'n' roll world brought them together! Then again, maybe they just got drunk and started jamming together but hey, what do I know?

Reznor screams, "I believe I can see the future," on the song "Every Day Is Exactly The Same," and he just about proves that he can see the changes on the hit single, "The Hand That Feeds."

"Beside You In Time," will just trip you out and the song "Getting Smaller" will make you want to get all mean and speedy with punk-fury. "Right Where It Belongs" closes the album and is completely amazing. Johnny Cash had borrowed from Reznor in the past, and with this piano lullaby, it seems that Reznor is still making the Man In Black happy with such honest musicianship. This is an incredible album so I suggest that you buy it now!

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