May 082005

To the guy in the Subaru: Thanks for breaking up my marriage.

– Girl on the Bike

So I was curious about the squirrel poop thing so I asked a professor. This is what he said…"Their fecal poop looks like a pine nut. They are rather small, roundish but elongated and usually hard. They take a crap pretty quickly and that's why you never see them do it. They 'go' anywhere. They could be up in a tree or on the ground."

I can understand why we have to fill out evaluations for all our classes so that next year the departments can improve… but why don't we fill out evaluations for the other "services" CSU provides, for instance the financial aid office, they surely need to improve!

For certain persons who are unfamiliar with the rules, this is how blinker wars work – He who blinks first, gets the parking spot.

Has anyone noticed that the bricks on the third floor of the library have random crap on them like, "I loved a duck", "hakuna matata" and "I am old and I wear purple"?

Boys… You don't have to pretend you want me to come over to watch a movie, I know exactly what is going to happen … I'm not dumb!

What's my favorite part of Cinco de Mayo? Coming home on "El Sies de Mayo" to find my living room trashed and saturated with alcohol! I've never seen so much wine and beer in a carpet. In my opinion, the carpet isn't the only one suffering from a slow alcoholic demise…

So here's the theory: the revolving door in the library is actually a human hamster wheel, yet another sly attempt by CSU to save money and keep the electricity on at the same time.

To the belligerent freshmen who think it is all right to show up uninvited to parties on Howes Street, and steal our things and ruin our property, you are wrong my friends. Have some respect. P.S. Who steals a coffee pot? Seriously!

To all those people who think finals are going to kill them: Ron White once said "when life gives me a lemon, try and find someone whose life gave them vodka and have a party." Cheers, it's almost over, except for those of us in summer school.

The Fort Collins Historical Committee has officially extended the "too old to demolish" rule from buildings to the parking lot west of the Oval.

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