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May 082005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Fort Collins Police Services is reminding members of the community to take extra precautions for personal safety including locking doors, windows and keeping curtains closed at night.

The public service reminders were spurred by a sexual assault that occurred early Saturday morning. A 21-year-old woman reported that she woke up to an unknown man in her bedroom who raped her and left. Police officers believe the suspect entered the apartment through an unlocked door.

Fort Collins is a pleasant community, but crime can happen anywhere. Summer is just around the corner and it is easier for us to want to leave our doors and windows open, but we need to be careful. We all need to take the extra few seconds to lock the door behind us and make sure all our windows are secured.

It may seem much more convenient to trust that everything will be OK with an unlocked door if other people are home, but it did not make a difference in Saturday's assault. The victim's two women roommates were home at the time of the assault, but they remained asleep until after the suspect left.

We also need to look out for our neighbors. Get to know the people in your neighborhood. If you see anyone suspicious call your neighbor to make sure they are OK. Always use discretion and call the police if you sense danger. Do not just assume that a neighbor will make the necessary call.

We do not need to live in fear, but we need to live with common sense.

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