May 082005
Authors: Jon Pilsner

The CSU men's lacrosse team will not be going to Nationals.

In a surprise announcement over the weekend, the Rams were declared ineligible to participate in the 2005 Men's Division Intercollegiate Associates tournament this week in Blaine, Minn.

According to head coach Flip Naumburg, after the first eligibility check, two members of the team dropped below the required 12- credit course load without informing the U.S. Lacrosse Intercollegiate Association. When the second eligibility check was conducted this past week, those players were deemed ineligible, making the team as a whole ineligible.

The team had appealed Sunday, but Naumburg pulled the appeal Sunday afternoon, and said, "it was the right thing to do."

He sent a letter to his players, in which he said: "By withdrawing our appeal, the weight of action falls upon me. I did not want our fate to be determined by a ruling of some board."

Naumburg said the team was disappointed by the outcome of the situation.

"Nobody is very happy," Naumburg said. "But everybody understands."

The No. 2 seeded Rams were scheduled to play the No. 15 seeded Minnesota Golden Gophers Tuesday. CSU's season is now over.

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