Best of Blotter Spring 2005

May 082005

Contacted three males walking naked in Plant Environment Research Center – no good explanation and no one else around. They were warned to keep their clothes on after getting dressed.

Father called to say that son missed his shuttle and wondered if officer could drive him to Denver International Airport. We referred them to the local taxi.

Herd of deer reportedly stuck inside storage fencing at 1700 W. Plum St., had "escaped" before officers arrived.

Call of mountain lion near the black ice rink near recreation center. Officers found nothing on arrival but caller was sure it was a cat.

Male student jumped two of our Campus Safety Officers from behind on University Avenue. He was contacted and arrested a short time later and said he was "just playing around…"

Custodian at Corbett Hall was hit with a snowball from passing car, probably a black Jeep Wrangler, while entering his own vehicle. Unable to locate suspect vehicle in the area.

Unknown person posted notices at 104 Yates Hall that an exam had been canceled and several students missed the test. Professor is, rightly, very upset.

Male who had his truck "booted" regarding parking issues was able to remove and take the boot. He was called and returned the item to University Parking Services and truck was "re-booted" until unpaid tickets can be resolved.

Cold report of a suspicious male who hangs around the Towers and Durrell Center trying to get guest passes for meals. He is probably a transient, but he has become quite harassing. Older Caucasian male, long black hair, black trench coat and long walking cane. We will identify and warn when we find him.

Seven males warned for noise outside Ellis Hall – singing.

Parachutist got tangled in power lines near Foothills Campus. National Guard following up as it was their personnel. Environmental Health Services advised. No injuries or damage known.

Male cited for unlawful conduct after failing to heed three warnings not to "Dumpster dive."

Professor threatened another professor at Morgan Library lot. Being followed up administratively.

Male lighting fireworks at Towers courtyard ran from officers when they approached. Found him in bushes near fraternity. To jail for obstruction, liquor and small amount of marijuana.

Trespass at Allison Hall – bedding removed through a window and used overnight under bushes outside. Probably transient, but no suspect contacted. Facilities Management has been asked to trim the bushes for visibility.

Burglary – an employee at Central Stores saw two males inside the bakery, and they ran out of the loading-dock doors when they saw him. Officers were unable to locate them. There was no forced entry and the only things amiss were some cookies that had been eaten.

Male contacted for liquor violation took a notebook from officer and put it down the front of his pants. Cited for underage consumption and got to meet some nice deputies at the jail for obstructing officers.

Total of 45 cars were spray painted with green, yellow or black 'smiley faces' all along South Drive from Braiden to Ingersoll halls. No suspect currently known but we're asking for anyone who observed this to call. Damages will add up to several thousand dollars in this one.

Found a male taped in a chair in Intramural Field. Friends showed up to cut him loose at officers request. The group was "just having fun."

CSUPD writes the Blotter. The Collegian edits for AP style and size.

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