May 052005

In class yesterday, this guy next to me was chewing his gum. He really likes gum. He kept smacking and chewing, chomping and slurping his gum. I used to like gum, too … thanks a lot.

I went to Subway last night and ordered a cold cut trio and the lady asked if wanted my sub toasted. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a COLD cut trio sandwich?

Does anyone else feel bad for the little earthworms that crawl out of the soaking wet earth only to shrivel up and die on the pavement?

You're writing an article about how students leaving for summer affects local business and you check an ice cream shop? Yea …

Hey, that isn't trash in your truck bed. I need my pop bottle and McDonald's bag back; leave it there, I'll pick it up tomorrow.

OK, do girls not care that their thong is showing, or what? It isn't sexy, nor is it something I care to see. In fact, every time I see one, a small part of me feels sad for them, and I get the urge to put a dollar in it.

Isn't it a little ludicrous that Americans are so concerned about getting fat when 815 million people have to worry about getting enough to eat?

… And the award for best actor in a Nuggets playoff series goes to Manu Ginobili for his role in "Basketball: Played with arms flailing and body on the ground." A documentary on how to flop.

Guess what? The football team is getting gold jerseys. Guess what else? Penley hasn't said anything about the tailgating ban, just wondering …

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