May 052005
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Topic 1: The Nuggets lost in their first-round playoff series to the San

Antonio Spurs Wednesday night as they went down in Game 5, 99-89. After

winning the first game in San Antonio, the Nuggets looked pathetic except for in

small glimpses in Game 4. This year, like last year, the Nuggs went out in the first round. What do the Nuggs need to do next year to get past the first round?

Bondy: They need to trade Carmelo Anthony for Ray Allen, and if they're healthier next year, I think that they'll go further.

Baker: Since George Karl became the coach; they only lost like six games during the regular season. So if he is the coach all next year, they might be able to get a better seed for the playoffs.

Bondy: It was good being a fair-weather fan this year for the Nuggs. Maybe next year I'll like them more.

Baker: Another year with Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin together, and they should be really tough to stop, offensively and defensively.

Topic 2: Staying in the NBA, recent statements by Houston Rockets head coach

Jeff Van Gundy have arisen about the officiating in the playoffs. Van Gundy was fined $100,000 for his comments and for not telling the commissioner who told him that referees were going to call Yao Ming a lot closer, which sparked the comment. Has the officiating been up to par during this year's playoffs, and does the league give preferential treatment to certain players?

Baker: Absolutley not. The refereeing in these playoffs has been terrible, In the case of Ming, there was a definite change in how they called him in his series between Games 2 and 3. The refereeing was even worse Denver's game at home Monday.

Bondy: It has been pitiful; it's not the reason the Nuggets lost of Monday, but it has been bad. Manu Ginobili made a mockery of it when he flopped every time he got touched.

Baker: Of course certain players in the NBA get special treatment. Shaq can pretty much do whatever he wants, and Michael Jordan walked pretty much every time he touched the ball when he played.

Bondy: I don't think that they do, but sometimes if the referees like a player, they'll get some calls. But there is no preferential treatment.

Topic 3: Question and Answer

Baker: Will the Spurs get to the NBA Finals?

Bondy: No, the West is just too strong this year.

Bondy: Barry Bonds had his third surgery on his knee Wednesday. Will he play this year?

Baker: No, I don't think he can rehabilitate his knee in time.

Baker: The Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss said that Phil Jackson is one of the candidates for the head coaching job. Should he go back to L.A?

Bondy: No, he should coach the Minnesota Timberwolves. He likes to coach superstars and he would have one in Kevin Garnett.

Bondy: Who is the biggest surprise so far this season in baseball?

Baker: The Baltimore Orioles, because they're winning in the toughest conference in baseball.

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