May 032005

To those individuals upset about Bush's State of the Union Address interrupting "The OC" – Get a life. Try caring about what's going on in YOUR world, not some fictional one. The world is not going to end because your inane soap opera had to be re-scheduled.

So who had the idea of the revolving doors at the library? You know someone out there is probably saying, "My bad."

I'm not sure if I have the authority to do so, but … Friday is officially Wear Umbros Day.

Why do you people think that the back of someone's truck is a trashcan? Can't you idiots respect other peoples' property and take responsibility for your own trash and throw it away yourselves. I guess that is asking too much though.

We've all seen the fuzzy little squirrels running around campus. But let me ask you this, has anyone ever seen a squirrel take a poop? Has anyone ever stepped in squirrel poop? What the heck does it look like anyway? I don't understand….

Walking across campus is like mastering interstate rush hour: People merging onto a pedestrian highway, weaving through each other, avoiding slow walkers in the left hand lane, calculating the quickest route from destination to destination, and trying not to be forced off sidewalks or into oncoming walkers.


To all the people complaining about Kerry/Edwards stickers: Today my roommate saw a sticker today on someone's car that said, "Impeach Clinton now!" Talk about living in the past!

In his columns, Tyler Whitman always cites the Family Research Council as if they are an unbiased source, even though they are a conservative Christian think tank.

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