May 032005
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Name: Jennifer Lynn Gardner

Year in School: Junior

Sport: Softball

Position: Outfielder

Random Fact: Name is one letter away from "Alias" star Jennifer Garner

Junior outfielder Jennifer Gardner leads a double life. By day she is a student at CSU, pursuing a degree in human development and family studies to one day become a nurse. By afternoon, she is chasing fly balls in left field, smashing hits to get on base and acting the part of Miss Dependability as team mom.

In many instances, Gardner much resembles Jennifer Garner, the "Alias" star with one fewer letter in her name. While Garner has developed skills such as mastering numerous languages, martial arts skills and weapon handling to sustain her multiple identities, Gardner has also accumulated many unique skills on the field.

For instance, this year Gardner has batted her way to within one hit of the 100-hit milestone, a substantial accomplishment.

"Gardner is always making sure that people are OK and providing a safe environment for the underclassmen," said softball assistant coach Tonya Hadley. "She is also a big offensive threat. When she gets on base, good things happen for us."

This was evidenced in her past performances as well. Last year she ranked second on the team with a .371 batting average and led the team with 10 sacrifices. She was also fifth on the team in stolen bases and on-base percentage and seventh in slugging percentage. These accomplishments earned her the exclusive CSU berth on the Mountain West Conference All-Tournament Team.

While "Alias" star Garner works on Krav Magna, Pilates, linguistics theater arts and electromagnetic lock picking in her free time, Gardner likes to hang out in Old Town and really enjoys dancing.

She also enjoys watching "Boondock Saints" and "Dumb & Dumber" and loves the book "He's Just Not That Into You" by Greg Behrendt.

"I would recommend that book to anyone," Garner said of the how-to book that goes inside the male mind.

Gardner has a secret flair for cooking, especially Mexican food, but she likes to eat Chinese if she has a choice. When it comes to the sweet tooth, a strawberry cheesecake Coldstone Creation is her favorite ice cream flavor.

As a double agent, versatility is an important characteristic to possess, as well as the ability to look the part. When she is not sporting sliding shorts and her lucky ribbons on the field, Gardner said that she is a skirts and shoes kind of girl, given her downtown dancing modus operandi. She doesn't like the short skirts and Ugg boots statement, however.

"What is that? It's got to end soon," Gardner said of the trend.

Double agents must also be dependable – a characteristic inherent in all of Gardner's actions.

"She is very much the caretaker and one that you can count on," Hadley said. "She is our Miss Dependability."

Garner travels the globe in pursuit of justice as a CIA agent. In contrast, Gardner has limited her travels to within the United States so far, but she would like to go to Tahiti someday and said that traveling is one of the best things about being a student- athlete.

However, even double agents and team moms miss the comforts of home sometimes, and Gardner is no exception. She admits to missing her family, especially her 5-year-old sister. She also misses the New Mexico sunsets and is looking forward to going home to them this summer.

Hence, while the rest of the CSU population wanders around campus, na�ve to the truth, Jennifer Gardner leads a busy student life while garnering extra base hits and runs batted in "Alias" style.

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