May 022005

To the boy I hit with my car last week; I am so sorry. I swear, I've almost never done that before.

Lacoste = Crocodile, NOT Alligator!

So I was reading the ingredients of the candy bar I was eating, and under "milk chocolate" there was "fat-free milk" followed by 'milk fat.' Now, why don't they just use regular milk? I mean, I would personally rather see it say "milk" than have to read that they added "milk fat." And by the way, what exactly IS a partially defatted peanut?

Wouldn't it be fun if, all at once, everybody just forgot everything they knew.

This is to the front-rowers. If you already know everything, then why do you have to torture the rest of us by constantly raising your hand? You are smart; congratulations, now fall asleep and let the rest of us learn!

I was in the Ramskeller today and they had a soap opera on the big screen!!! Now I know there had have been some kind of sporting event on, even competitive knitting would have been more exciting!!!!

Dear God,

I have a question for you. When you think of people who whine, do you think of men or women? … Women? OK, great. Thanks, God.

It is our belief that the Collegian should stop printing stories about how spring is here, because it brings massive amounts of snow!

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