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May 022005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Five student-athletes' names appeared on rosters this year at CSU, but they are no longer there. However, it isn't because they graduated or suffered career-ending injuries. It was because they no longer wanted to be part of some aspect of CSU's athletic department.

Dwight Boatner started the trend when he quit the basketball team in January. Stephen Verwers and Phillip Thomasson followed at the end of the season. All three players expressed discontent with the coaching staff as reasons for leaving.

Annika Walseth requested a transfer last week after the "mutual agreement" between women's basketball head coach Chris Denker and athletic director Mark Driscoll resulted in Denker's departure. Walseth had a few reasons for wanting to leave, but toward the top were to escape a situation that she was "not proud to be a part of." Then, over the weekend, Kristen Karlik left the volleyball team, calling CSU an "unhealthy environment."

So what's going on that would make five student-athletes, all of whom started at least one-third of the games for their respective teams this past season, upset with CSU and asking to transfer?

It is safe to say that CSU teams did not have the most successful seasons in the 2004-05 year, but if we can't keep athletes happy, things will only get worse before they get better. Inexperienced players will have to jump into roles they are not ready for, and CSU won't look very appealing if the number of transfers outweighs the number of team wins.

The CSU athletic department needs to figure out what is going on, hire coaches who can make teams win and have student-athletes who are proud to be here.

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