Campus Blotter

May 022005



Unknown person pulled fire alarm station at D-wing Engineering Building.

Backpack theft at Individual Mathematics Program.

Theft of keys from room in Education Building.

Theft of backpack at Individual Mathematics Program.

Theft of green Kona bicycle from Palmer Center the prior day.

Picked up a runaway juvenile at Ingersoll Hall – went to Poudre Valley Hospital with father for evaluation.

Suicidal student at G3 Corbett Hall went to Poudre Valley Hospital by Emergency Medical Services.

911 hang-up call at Westfall Hall – no one there.

Student at University Center for the Arts reported car stolen – we found it in another lot near the building.


Accident at South Drive and Newsom Hall.

Several cited for liquor at G1 Corbett Hall.

Male who threatened resident assistant at Corbett Hall was arrested for interference, liquor and obstructing officers after he threatened to punch the resident assistant, ran from, then fought with officers. To jail.

Contact for smell of marijuana at H1 Corbett Hall resulted in one being cited for liquor.

DUI arrest on Washington Avenue at Laurel Street.

DUI arrest at Shields Street and Springfield Court.



Raccoon that may be sick was captured at Summit Hall by Animal Protection (see Monday's Collegian).

Opened several doors for residents and staff members.

911 hang-up call at Lory Student Center payphone – no one there on arrival.

Intrusion alarm at Centers for Disease Control construction site – staff error.

Checked South and Foothills campuses – all OK. Did traffic enforcement – a few warnings issued.

Male at Braiden Hall passed out – went to PVH by EMS.

License plate that appears to be altered was impounded for investigation.

Call of missing person from Corbett Hall – was located in a medical facility.

Assisted parents in prior day's runaway case in finding their vehicle.


Male contacted for checking out bike racks near Fum McGraw Center – University of Northern Colorado student was cited for liquor.

Small fight at ballroom after the step show broke up quickly and the troublemakers left as officers were arriving.

Field Interview Card written about possible window peeper suspect on Shields Street near Ingersoll Hall.

Assisted with a couple of University Parking Services issues – resolved.

Checked outlying campuses and did a lot of foot patrol – pretty quiet overall.



Citizen brought in bike that had been left at his home. Had CSU Police Department registration – we'll contact the owner.

Call of juveniles trespassing at Westfall Hall – Gone on arrival.

Assisted driver whose car was hit by another driver's door in parking lot. Will follow up with insurance or attorney.

Opened door at Palmer Center for staff.

Intrusion alarm at University Bookstore – found secure – notified responsible person.

Several drivers warned.


Resident assistant found construction barricade at Corbett Hall.

DUI on City Park Avenue.

Several University Parking Services cites issued. Two municipal and two Traffic Enforcement and Education Program cites issued. Checked South and Foothills campuses, several buildings, parking lots and bike racks. All OK.

Cold and pretty quiet overall.

CSUPD writes the blotter. The Collegian edits for AP style and size.

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