We All Know Kerry Lost

May 012005
Authors: Ben Bleckley

Every Democrat and independent liberal fully knows that John Kerry lost the election in November.

The yard signs and bumper stickers that remain may unintentionally communicate otherwise, however.

To clarify, these signs and stickers are liberals' way of voicing their dissent with the current administration. Though some may believe that all United States citizens should follow their president, civilized dissent, disagreement and discussion (portrayed and encouraged by the display of yard signs) is what makes our country democratic.

The majority of liberals are not trying to be arrogant. They are just making a point – that they do not support President Bush and his policies.

A similar example occurred in 1978 when Jimmy Carter was elected president. Few conservatives were fond of President Carter's pacifistic foreign policy. They voiced their dissent and rightfully so. Perhaps the Iranian hostages would never have been released if it was not for the election of Reagan.

Another example: last spring I proudly displayed a Mike Miles for Senate sticker on the back of my bicycle. Although he lost in the August primary, I let the sticker remain until November because I felt that the "radical" opinions he held were a more effective way of fighting a Republican-controlled Senate. I voted for Salazar in November, but I would have preferred Miles' plans to Salazar's moderate agenda.

Truthfully, there are numerous other ways liberals could express their dissent. The bumper stickers stating "No Child Left a Dime" or "Thanks Dubya, I feel MUCH safer now" seem much more severe than the positive expression of support for Bush's former opponent.

There are more Kerry supporters than it seems. Why do so few liberals (including myself) no longer display signs of support?

Because of this, liberal numbers seem smaller. But just under half of the United States voted for Kerry.

It is time for the yard sign revolution! Take those old yard signs out of the closet and garage and firmly plant them again in your yard or front window. It won't take back the White House (yet), but it will help support our fellow liberals.

Soon, stereotypes alone won't define the yard sign revolution, but only a multifaceted examination of young Fort Collins culture. Viva la revolution!

Ben Bleckley is a senior English major. His column runs every Monday in the Collegian.

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