May 012005

To all those people that feel it absolutely necessary to stand outside all classroom doors, stairways and in the middle of the hall while I'm walking to class: get out of the way. You can hold your conversations elsewhere. It's amazing, I know, but just try it!

On a snowy and cold day in April what more could one want, but to go home and watch a new episode of "The OC" with friends. But no!! Thank you, Mr. Bush, for screwing up the broadcast schedule to sound like a complete idiot!!

I love escalators; because escalators don't break down … they just become stairs. By the way, if alcoholism is a disease then it's the only disease you get yelled at for having. You never hear anyone yelling at someone for having lupus.

Dear God,

Will you please make some men that are less whiney.

Thank you,

All Women

If Lance doesn't win a seventh Tour de France, I will never buy another Sheryl Crow CD or listen to her music. It would just be a sad reminder.

To the person(s) who keeps quoting Mitch Hedberg – thanks for the running tribute to quite possibly the greatest comic one-line wonder of our lifetime. We miss you, Mitch. Wherever you are … knock 'em dead.

OK, so I'm tired of hearing people complain about the snow. Yes, it's almost May, and yes it's been shorts-and-sandals weather not more than a week ago, but come on people, do you know where you are?? Believe it or not, this kind of weather is pretty characteristic of this part of Colorado; get used to it or go back home.

Fact: self-tanner makes its users look like Oompah Loompahs. My conclusion: don't use self-tanner. Conclusion of CSU women at large: self-tanner is da bomb! I am so confused.

To my fellow C245 students: If you have averaged a test score higher than 100 for the whole semester, please do us students who do come to class every day and are clueless a favor. Only answer half of the questions on the final, So we can pass. Thank You.

Does anyone know where I could find a flat door for free?

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