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May 012005

CSU has always been recognized for its efforts to promote sustainability and energy efficiency, and the introduction of a new idea to switch all campus washing machines to cold water is no exception.

Housing and Dining Services are considering whether or not to implement this plan by the summer. The plan to switch the washing machines to cold water has many benefits, including saving the university money and energy.

Tide gave the university 5,500 samples of its new, product Tide Coldwater, which is specifically formulated to deep clean laundry washed in cold water, to help the project along. With this new detergent, students can wash both their dark and light loads together in cold water without running the risk of ruining their clothes. This will in turn cut back on the number of laundry loads students do, saving them both time and money.

CSU should be commended for its continuing effort to save energy. As one of the first universities to implement such a plan, it is showing its strong leadership role in the environmental community.

Students who live off campus should also consider switching to Tide Coldwater and doing their part to help conserve energy. Not only will this take away the added stress of separating clothes before you wash them, it will also save students money and conserve energy.

Colorado has experienced many recent summers with drought conditions, and residents have been forced to cut back on water use. We all need to practice conservation methods in times of plenty and little alike.

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