Beer Returns to Hughes Stadium

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May 242005
Authors: Jon Pilsner, JP Eichmiller

Nine months after Colorado State University's Hughes Stadium went dry in the wake of a student's alcohol-related death, president Larry Penley announced Wednesday that beer sales would return to the athletic arena.

Students and others attending the Rams' first regular season home game against Nevada on Sept. 24 will be allowed to buy 3.2 percent beer inside the stadium, which sits on the city's far west side .

Further, tailgaters and others who park at the stadium's parking lot will be allowed to consume any type of beer before entering the game. There are several stipulations for people who tailgate, including a requirement that drinkers show officials valid identification cards and receive wristbands.

In a press conference held at 1 p.m. in the administration building's main lobby, Penley said that drug and alcohol abuse is a societal problem and not unique to CSU. He acknowledged in his remarks that stopping beer sales at Hughes was not the answer to the problem.

"There's no silver bullet for the horrors of drug and alcohol abuse," Penley said.

The president's announcement was a reversal of his decision last fall. In September, Penley halted beer sales at Hughes after 19-year-old CSU sophomore Samantha Spady died from alcohol poising at a fraternity house following the CSU football game against University of Colorado-Boulder.

Penley's decision last fall prompted dozens of students to protest in front of the administration building. Additionally, the beer ban allegedly sparked an upswing in alcohol-related arrests at the stadium. Most of those arrested were students who were showing up drunk for the games after the ban was put into place.

The president and CSU Chief of Police Dexter Yarbrough said during the press conference that anyone found breaking the rules would be severely punished.

In addition to announcing the return of beer at the stadium, Penley explained that the decision was consistent with the findings of an alcohol task force that was established Feb. 1 to review alcohol use at CSU. The task force was the result of Spady's death, other alcohol-related deaths throughout the state and the highly publicized riots that occurred north of campus. The riots, officials believe, were the result of parties that spun out of control.

When beer returns to the stadium, Penley said there would be several new initiatives, including increased parking lot patrols by either CSU or local police officers. The president also said there would be a ban on drinking games.

Penley also announced Wednesday that he plans to established what he called a "social norming campaign," which will inform incoming students about acceptable behavior at CSU and in the community. Also, Penley said he would create a student organization focusing on alcohol poisoning and special education programs to be delivered during freshman orientation.

Also, he will create a new government position that would be a liaison between CSU and Fort Collins. The president also plans to expand RamRide, the ASCSU program that provides students a safe and sober ride home.

Penley singled out the Greek system, saying he wants fraternities and sororities to create a position he described as "hall director." The president further announced a program that would provide a "seal of approval" to fraternities and sororities that comply with the alcohol guidelines provided by the school.

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Why are people homeless?

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May 172005
Authors: James Baetke

Unlike the stereotypical images of homeless, those in Larimer County, including Fort Collins, actually includes men and women of all ages and children.

People who live on the streets are in that situation for various reasons, local officials said, including mental illness, alcohol and drug addiction and job loss.

"I am really shocked at how many families are homeless, and it is accelerating," said Kathy Snell, director of the Larimer County Health and Human Services Department.

The number of homeless people in the United States, according to the 2000 Census, is approximately 1 percent of the population. Exact statistics for Larimer County were unavailable but officials' estimate of homeless is more than 2,000. They estimate the number of homeless children at several hundred. In fact, school officials stop at shelters throughout the county to pick up students for school.

Communities across the nation, including Larimer County, struggle with how to adequately address the issue of homelessness. Snell said the county gives funds to several organizations that help the homeless, including the Salvation Army. In addition, the county also owns a piece of land that some officials would like to see become a new homeless facility.

While officials deal with finding more funding for the homeless, the Salvation Army, 3901 Mason St., is helping people every day.

Ruth, a former homeless woman with thinning salt-and-pepper hair and a wrinkle-creased face, is a frequent visitor to the Salvation Army center in south Fort Collins. At the day center Ruth interacts with people to whom she can relate. Although no longer living on the street, she still maintains relationships with people who go to the center for help.

Ruth, like numerous homeless people interviewed, would not give her last name, but she told the detailed story of how she became homeless after moving to Colorado from Florida last year. After 10 years of sobriety she began to drink again. One evening in March 2004 she got drunk and almost died when an oxygen tank inside the trailer she was living in blew up and engulfed her trailer in flames.

Instantly Ruth and her dog, Blue, were homeless.

The Red Cross put her in a motel for three days, but then Ruth was left to find shelter on her own, she said. A self-proclaimed pianist, published poet and mental health speaker, Ruth has now found a home.

Trish McBroom, an associate with Salvation Army's day center, said addiction is a very common part of why people become homeless. Once an addict herself, McBroom "knows both sides." McBroom knows what it is like to face hard times and wants to help those who are homeless now.

"Everyone is addicted here. It is a never-ending story," McBroom said.

Dave Eliason, a Salvation Army volunteer, said that while some people stop being homeless, others do not. People with a strong work ethics impress Eliason.

"The success stories keep me coming back," Eliason said.

Northeast of the Salvation Army center is the Fort Collins Public Library, 201 Peterson St., where homeless people often hang out in the shade.

On a recent day, several men who said they are homeless were dressed in clean clothes. One man talked on his cell phone while wearing a watch and black sunglasses. Another man had unshaven beard patches on his face, and unseasonably warm clothing layered his body.

The men said that not enough is being done to curb homelessness. They complained that one local shelter is too strict and demands a small cash payment of about $5 to spend the night. Some of the guys have been homeless for years, some for only weeks, but they all do not want to live the lives homeless people.

Jobs are scarce in the city, they said. They get through their daily routine by supporting each other – they said it is like a community within a community. Police are usually respectful of them, but some are not as nice. Drugs are everywhere, they said, and many people on the streets suffer from some physical or mental disability.

Snell said Larimer County recognizes homelessness in the city, but local government officials disagree on the severity of homelessness and how to decrease the rate of it.

"It is very fair to say we are not keeping up with up with the problem," Snell said.

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Life on the Street

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May 162005
Authors: Jake Blumberg

As summer draws ever nearer with each passing sunrise, there are some people in Larimer County who can still remember the dark cold of winter.

"Winter-time is just a really tough time to be a construction worker," Jim said, spinning a can of soda slowly in his hand. "If you don't make enough in the summer, and save it, there are years you just can't make it through the winter."

This past year was one in which the summer's wages failed to be enough to pay the bills and backlogged rent during the winter months, and Jim – who has chosen to withhold his last name due to privacy concerns – found himself in a dire situation. He did not have enough money to pay for basic housing to shelter him and his 14-year-old daughter from the cold of winter in Loveland. In fact, he did not have any money at all.

"It was winter, there was no work for me at all, and I was way behind in rent," said the 42-year-old, who has been in the concrete business his entire life. "It had gotten to a point where I couldn't even get my daughter to school, because I couldn't afford a bus pass to get her there."

It was that morning – when Jim was faced with the reality of keeping his daughter home from school because of his lack of funds – that Jim reached out for help. He went into a Loveland church and asked for help from the pastor, who bought a bus pass for Jim's daughter, and pointed him in the direction of the place Jim would soon view as a blessing from God – the Interfaith Hospitality Network, also known as Angel House, 101 E. Sixth St, Loveland.

"I kept walking back and forth, back and forth, from the door of Angel House to the street," Jim said. "It was just so hard to make myself go inside."

Jim stood outside, struggling to make it inside the shelter, and grappled with an emotion many feel when asking for help: embarrassment.

"My pride was absolutely blinding me. It took me three tries to finally make it through that door," Jim said, pointing from the kitchen table to the front entrance of Angel House. "I swallowed a lot of pride to finally make it inside of Angel House. I count my blessings I finally made it through that door."

The realization that he was on the brink of being homeless finally sent Jim through the entrance, with images of his daughter pushing him to open the doors of Angel House.

"For a single parent, you would do anything for your child, and I would do anything for my daughter," Jim said. "I would do anything, anything, to keep a roof over her head and food in her stomach." He echoed once more: "Anything."

With his daughter as motivation, Jim finally made it through the entrance of Angel House. Inside, he found the opportunity he had been praying for – a place to live and succeed. Angel House provided Jim with a home that would allow him to get back on his feet, along with keeping his daughter safe, warm and well fed.

"Angel House put a roof over our heads, and food in our stomachs," Jim said. "Here, they understand that you just catch a bad break sometimes. God bless this place for being here."

Along with providing him with the necessities for survival, Angel House has also offered Jim a chance to get on a path towards success; a path involving goals beyond simply surviving the winter.

Angel House has worked with Jim to plan a future for his daughter and him, and has given him access to resources to assure he achieves the goals he sets within the walls of the sanctuary. With the help of Angel House, Jim has already begun achieving his new goals in the four months he has been a resident.

Recently, Jim began selecting courses at Front Range Community College to pursue an associate's degree in small business management and building construction management.

Yet, with all of the help Angel House has provided him, Jim believes the true key to rescuing oneself from the brink of homelessness is one's work ethic.

"There is definitely help out there for people who need it, but you have to do the legwork to get it," Jim said. "They allow you to come here (Angel House), and help you to see what direction you need to go. Once they point you in the right direction, you have to do the work to get yourself there."

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Reznor Returns “With Teeth”

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May 082005
Authors: Nicholas LoFaro

Nine Inch Nails, "With Teeth"

Trent Reznor has become more than just an angry and clever musician. He has been out of reach from his fans and followers since the release of 1999's "The Fragile," but the respect that people have for him as an artist, musician and composer has only grown.

Nine Inch Nail's new release entitled, "With Teeth" has been worth the wait. Upon even a first listen through this album, you will find yourself wanting to repeat the songs. Virtually every song on this album is finely tuned to perfection and each has its own potential to be a hit song. Each song on the album is unique and each is easily distinguishable as a Nine Inch Nails song and the work of Trent Reznor's musical originality and genius.

It is Nine Inch Nail's first album in five years, but it is clear that "With Teeth" probably began construction immediately following "The Fragile," because the album has been Trent Reznor's five-year project, and not a single part of this album has been overlooked or left unrefined.

The album opener, "All The Love In The World," is a melancholy piano melody that is so dramatic and dynamic that each change in the song's tempo and rhythm will give you gooseflesh. The good music chills will return to you in the dark and twisted song "Sunspots," where Reznor gives his best impression of a ghost's hymn over low-note piano keys and a sludge-walk bass-line.

There is one very important detail that must not be overlooked on "With Teeth." That one detail is a musician named Dave Grohl.

Grohl has had tremendous success from his role as the Foo Fighter's lead singer – not to mention his fury in his Nirvana days – and has become a sort of hired gun in the modern rock world jumping back and forth from his drum kit to his guitar and back again.

Drumming for Queens Of The Stone Age's "Songs For The Deaf," Garbage's "Bleed Like Me," and playing nearly every instrument on his death-metal side project, Probot, has made Dave Grohl a respected musician all over the world. Perhaps Reznor did not just pick Grohl, but rather, they were just two very intelligent musicians who share the same goals and aspirations and the forces of rock 'n' roll world brought them together! Then again, maybe they just got drunk and started jamming together but hey, what do I know?

Reznor screams, "I believe I can see the future," on the song "Every Day Is Exactly The Same," and he just about proves that he can see the changes on the hit single, "The Hand That Feeds."

"Beside You In Time," will just trip you out and the song "Getting Smaller" will make you want to get all mean and speedy with punk-fury. "Right Where It Belongs" closes the album and is completely amazing. Johnny Cash had borrowed from Reznor in the past, and with this piano lullaby, it seems that Reznor is still making the Man In Black happy with such honest musicianship. This is an incredible album so I suggest that you buy it now!

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Summer screen mean wicked screams

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May 082005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

What a relief. Final exams are here, the homework is dwindling and summer is creeping up. Seeing as how I didn't get the chance to watch "House of Wax" or "Kingdom of Heaven" this weekend, I will take this time to enthrall you with the latest scoop on flicks to check out until next semester is upon us.

First, we'll start with the ones you've probably already reserved a seat for. Everyone and their uncle have been gossiping up a storm about the final installment of the questioningly long "Star Wars" saga. "Return of the Sith" jumps to theatres only a week after final exams and the epic film actually looks like it may raise some fists of enjoyment. Honestly, can you really go wrong with a Jedi hunt and a pack of wookies? I know I'm crossing my fingers.

Another big bash this summer is on its way June 29 in the form of "War of the Worlds." With Steven Spielberg behind the wheel, Tom Cruise keeping his head on straight and Dakota Fanning just existing, this 2005 version of the HG Wells' Martian invasion masterpiece should not be anything less than out of this world. Although it seems a little outlandish to even attempt to remake this, but then again, the sinners that be are working on a new version of "Evil Dead."

Speaking of remakes and saga extenders, how does everyone feel about "Batman Begins," because personally, I think it looks sweet. Christian Bale is not only going to be awesome, but may possibly even one-up his dragon slaying days in "Rein of Fire." Not only are we going to get Bale kicking some major tail, but moviemakers are finally going to let us in on who this bat dude is anyway.

Another flick that's sure to draw crowds is "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" with Hollywood heartthrobs, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt exchanging fisticuffs. Now, you've got to watch for yourself, though. Just because the two are romping around town together doesn't mean you have to feel obligated to buy the ticket.

The same goes for "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo," just because he'll hook up with any 10-foot tall woman around town, doesn't mean you have to jump at the chance to watch.

As for the gory goodness pouring onto the big screen this summer, we've got quite the bloodbath in store. George Romero is returning to the genre he created with the fourth leg of his zombie nightmare, "Land of the Dead." For zombie badness, end-of-the- world craziness and social commentary to boot, put yourself in line for this one.

If slasher flicks are more your style, not to worry, the doozie of a lifetime is near. 2003 European released, "High Tension," will finally complete its journey over the Atlantic and plop ferociously on America's lap. If a ticked off, blood-laden girl wielding a 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire is a good time for you, make sure your day is free June 3.

Other horror gems to look out for are "The Devil's Rejects," Rob Zombies' new freak show, and "Undead," an Australian zombie flick attempting to put up a fight with Peter Jackson's magnum opus, "Dead Alive."

Whether the preceding gave your senses a reason to party or not, there is still plenty on the way. A few others to put on your list should be the next Burton/Depp redux "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," the questionable historical fiction skate-flick "Lords of Dogtown," and yet another comic-book-to-movie-magic-show "Fantastic Four." Still doesn't brighten your smile? Guess you will just have to keep watching those "OC" reruns and falling asleep on the couch won't you?

Ryan Skeels is a senior forestry major. He is the movie reviewer for the entertainment desk.

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Concert Calendar

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May 082005

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Jun 30

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Big!Summer Classic: String Cheese Incident, Keller Williams & More

July 2-3

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Queens of the Stone Age

May 25

Paramount Theatre

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Ode to the New Century’s Sports

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May 082005
Authors: Brett Okamoto

As the new sports editor I decided to prepare a poem about the sports world this last year through my eyes for your reading enjoyment.

I call it "Ode to the New Century's Sports"

It was the year of the roid scandal and one broken curse

There's just so much to say I don't know what should go first.

Let's give a shout out to Big Papi and the rest of the Sox

Stealing three straight from the Yanks I've got to give props

Conseco needed money so he wrote the book "Juiced"

And all of a sudden every player in the game needed an excuse.

"That cream was for arthritis!" Bonds yells at the press

Apparently flaxseed oil adds raw muscle too, I guess.

And then McGwire trying to look innocent up there, please

Big Mac you used to weigh something like 120 I believe.

And can we please draft a player to give the Rockies a lift?

Their record so far makes me want to jump off a cliff.

But enough about baseball let's talk about hoops

And take a second to please ask Kenyon Martin never to shoot.

It's been the fall of Kobe and the rise of D-Wade

Half of the guys on the Lakers I didn't even know played.

And in college UNC got Roy Williams a ring

And Sean May danced on the floor, it was a wonderful thing.

It almost made me forget about Chaney – who didn't really mean any harm

When he sent his player in to break another guy's arm.

I got a sick feeling when I saw that – you know the kind

It's like that feeling you get when Shaq goes to the line.

And when the Olympic team went out this summer and didn't win

I know Jordan was thinking about coming out of retirement again.

But in any case let's keep moving – next is pigskin

The only place where you can be 100 pounds overweight – and be thin.

Are we the Broncos or the Browns this year I can't tell?

We got their whole defensive line – who's next Art Modell?

The Pats are riding high trying to make it three in a row

But I'm sure the Eagles will have something to say with a healthy (Terrell Owens) T.O.

Alex Smith was all pumped when he got chosen as number one

He'll get beat to a pulp but I'm sure he'll have fun.

And yeah USC won the Sugar Bowl by a long shot

But in the end I thought Auburn belonged at the top.

There's the three major sports let's get through the rest

This will probably be quicker and horrible at best.

What is there to say about the Tour de Lance?

Let's give those other guys motors at least then they'll have a chance.

Hmm about hockey I don't know what to tell you

Either start watching college or move out to Russia.

When it comes to NASCAR, from the bottom of my heart

I don't know a thing so I won't even start.

Agassi, Sampras, Roddick move over

You're all in the way I can't see Kournikova.

And just when we thought Tiger couldn't win anymore

He rules another Masters – I think that makes four.

And for all you people who call horseracing your game

Let it go, it's little men riding horses – with cool names.

And now for the things that happened in sports for no reason

Like Clarett with the Broncos where I could rush for a thousand this season.

Or Artest promoting a CD to the same fans

That he went and assaulted up in the stands.

Some of these things in sports just make me shake my head

Almost makes me want to stop watching and study instead.

But really I can't complain all is well in the world

The Sox are on top, the Yanks are playing like squirrels.

Brett Okamoto is a freshman technical journalism major. He is the new sports editor.

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Lacrosse Deemed Ineligible for Nationals

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May 082005
Authors: Jon Pilsner

The CSU men's lacrosse team will not be going to Nationals.

In a surprise announcement over the weekend, the Rams were declared ineligible to participate in the 2005 Men's Division Intercollegiate Associates tournament this week in Blaine, Minn.

According to head coach Flip Naumburg, after the first eligibility check, two members of the team dropped below the required 12- credit course load without informing the U.S. Lacrosse Intercollegiate Association. When the second eligibility check was conducted this past week, those players were deemed ineligible, making the team as a whole ineligible.

The team had appealed Sunday, but Naumburg pulled the appeal Sunday afternoon, and said, "it was the right thing to do."

He sent a letter to his players, in which he said: "By withdrawing our appeal, the weight of action falls upon me. I did not want our fate to be determined by a ruling of some board."

Naumburg said the team was disappointed by the outcome of the situation.

"Nobody is very happy," Naumburg said. "But everybody understands."

The No. 2 seeded Rams were scheduled to play the No. 15 seeded Minnesota Golden Gophers Tuesday. CSU's season is now over.

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Around the Mountain West

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May 082005
Authors: Paul Baker

The Mountain West Conference Tournament for softball begins Thursday.

This year the tournament is being hosted by the San Diego State Aztecs. Last year Utah won the tournament that was hosted by the Rams.

Here is how the conference's regular season finished up as of Sunday.

No. 1 Brigham Young University (40-11, 16-2 in Conference)

This was the first time that the Cougars have ever swept their instate rival Utah from up the road. The Cougars were almost perfect this season in conference- play, both losses during the year came at the hands of UNLV. BYU is led by infielder laneta Le'I. She is hitting .309 from the plate with six doubles, five home runs, and 21 RBIs. The Cougars are ranked 27 in the ESPN/ USA Softball poll.

No. 2 University of Nevada-Las Vegas (39-16, 15-3)

The Rebels are ranked number 31 by the USA Today/ NFCA poll this week. This season UNLV is led by outfielder Marrisa Nicols. So far this season she has racked up 15 doubles, six triples, 15 home runs, 40 RBIs, and is batting .433 from the plate. She should contend for player of the year in the MWC. Also, this week the Rebels captured both Player of the Week and Pitcher of the Week with Brittany Meade and Jacque Kerrigan receiving those, respectively. Going into the tournament, the Lobos have won their last six games of the season, all versus conference opponents.

No. 3 Colorado State University (29-20, 8-8)

Both of the series scheduled for the Rams last weekend were canceled due to a snowstorm. That stopped a four-game winning streak for the Rams that they'll be trying to extend this weekend. CSU is led by their pitchers. Genevieve Kelly has a 14-8 record with a 2.52 ERA and 105 strikeouts. The other pitcher who is leading the Rams is sophomore Jessica Strickland. She is 11-6 with a 1.89 ERA and 79 strikeouts. Strickland is also killing the ball from the plate. So far this season she leads the team with 35 RBIs, four homeruns, and 56 hits. This year Strickland also leads the team, and the nation, with 19 doubles. The Rams lost their last four games of the regular season, getting swept by San Diego State and UNLV.

No. 4 University of Utah (20-27, 6-12)

The Utes were last year's Conference Tournament Champions, but are currently on a three-game losing streak in conference play. They finished up the regular season with a double header against Florida State. Utah is led by infielder Ivette Hernadez, who is hitting .305 with nine home runs and 28 RBIs.

No. 5 University of New Mexico (15-32, 5-15)

The Lobos started off the season great, but lost 11 of their last 12 games to fall back to fifth place in the conference, with their only win during that stretch coming against Utah. Third baseman Cassie Chavez anchors the Lobos with four homeruns, 19 RBIs and 12 doubles this season.

No. 6 San Diego State University (26-28, 4-16)

With their only win this season coming against Utah, the Aztecs will attempt to pick up a couple more this weekend in their last games of the regular season. The Aztecs are led by freshman outfielder Kristen Carraza. Batting .295 with seven doubles, three triples and 20 RBIs, she runs an Aztec team that usually competes for top spot in the division.

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To the editor:

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May 082005

Thanks Joelle Milholm for your sports columns.

Your May 6th column hit the nail on the head. Thanks for women's sport at CSU. I would take your column one step further – having one of the tallest teams in the nation with only 11 wins in basketball, coaching is the problem, and a new head coach is needed.

As for football, yes a tough schedule, and yes a few injuries can hurt a team and perhaps too much was expected from the coaching staff … when you name a football field with a living coach you have a problem. Need I say more?

Lee Record

Class of 1962

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