Apr 282005

Ok I have to know, who is the person who keeps quoting Mitch Hedberg and not giving him any credit? Always cite your sources!

Dear God,

Could you please start making women that are less confusing.


All men

True hunters respect wildlife in its natural state. Just because we hunt doesn't mean we don't respect them any less, in fact most hunters respect animals more than most humans.

I'm getting tired of all these reality TV shows. Whatever happened to the good old shows like Captain Planet…"Captain Planet, he's a hero, gonna take pollution down to zero…the power is YOURS!"

To the genius from Alaska who doesn't like Ugg boots. You obviously aren't a fashion connoisseur. Uggs weren't invented in Alaska, and aren't even for the snow. This wonderful fashion faux pas was invented in AUSTRALIA for surfers and girls in miniskirts who strut around campus.

Did you know that there is a strip mall in northwest Austin, Texas that contains a liquor store, a gun store and a bank, right next to each other? I BET YOU DIDN'T YOU SILLY LITTLE PERSON YOU!

Why can't you freaking lazy people clean ALL the snow off your cars instead of using only your windshield wipers? Get off your lazy butts and clean your cars so you're not a danger to the rest of us.

E2 Flaggrabbers: Intramural basketball champs in '06.

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