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Apr 282005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

CSU faculty and staff should be able to access and use the Student Recreation Center, but so should students.

The Associated Students of CSU passed a bill Wednesday night that included a provision allowing faculty and staff to purchase recreation center passes. The bill still needs approval from CSU's administration and the Board of Governors of the CSU System.

There currently isn't even enough room in the recreation center for students to workout, let alone a multitude of faculty and staff members, which will add to the center's congestion. While it should be a perk for people working on campus to have access to the recreation center, students, staff and faculty should be able to actually use it, which is barely an option right now.

If this bill passes, CSU needs to be ready to allow money into the recreation center. This money will have to be used immediately so the equipment required to accommodate the increase in users can be added to the center. It needs to be spent before the influx of users occurs to make sure everyone has a place to workout. If this does not happen, the students, faculty and staff will be racing against each other to grab the workout equipment first. This inconvenience may even deter many of us to find alternative and potentially expensive workout alternatives or even worse, deter us from exercising at all. We need to think logically and explore all the options so that everyone can benefit from a facility like the recreation center.

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