Apr 282005
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Topic 1: The Nuggets suffered a minor setback after losing Game 2 to the Spurs. Not only did they lose, they got embarrassed 104-76. Are the Nugg puppies in trouble, or can they bounce back as they return home?

Baker: Of course they can bounce back. With home-court advantage now, I think they can win the next two games.

Bondy: They played a poor last game. They must bounce back quickly if they are going to win. They got out-hustled and outplayed. The Nuggets committed too many turnovers and rebounded the ball poorly.

Baker: You're looking at all the negatives. Denver split two games in San Antonio, where the Spurs have a ridiculous home record of 38-3. Denver is 31-10 at home.

Bondy: I think they'll split the next two games in Denver. Tim Duncan looks pretty good. He had 24 points, nine rebounds and five assists in Game 2.

Baker: He missed his last seven shots in Game 1 and finished 7-of-22. I'd say he's pretty streaky.


Topic 2: Question and Answer

Baker: Is Reggie Miller as good as most believe?

Bondy: Absolutely. You don't give him a chance, just because you think he is a crybaby. He should be credited with being one of the guys who pushed Michael Jordan to become the greatest. His 3-point antics are outstanding, along with his last-second play-making ability.

Bondy: Will Ken Griffey Jr. still be considered one of the best players of all time even if he never has another good year?

Baker: Maybe. Early Griffey will be considered great. But with 501 career home runs in so few years, it's hard to say he wouldn't be considered great.

Baker: What team looked bad during the NFL Draft?

Bondy: Obviously, the Broncos. What other team would want five running backs, let alone Maurice Clarett. Maybe he'll take Cecil Sapp's place on the practice squad.

Topic 3: The Bowl Championship Series has become a little more Mountain West Conference-friendly, at least starting in 2007. The BCS will be opening its automatic bids to all Division I-A conferences. Will this benefit NCAA football?

Bondy: This is awesome. One can only hope it will mean good things for CSU as well, maybe in the very distant future.

Baker: I dislike the BCS, but it's a step in the right direction. More teams have a shot. As long as they are worthy teams, there will be no problem.

Bondy: Pathetic football conferences, such as the Big East, will be forced to share those bids. Now Boise State has a chance.

Baker: Of course Notre Dame is given special treatment. If the Fighting Irish is in the top eight, it gets an automatic bid for a BCS game. And even if it doesn't get a bid, the team still makes money.

Bondy: That's crap.

Closing statements and words to the wise:

Bondy: Terrell Owens is probably going to sit out mini-camp. Maybe he'll get a second job because, like he said, he has to feed his family.

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