Apr 272005

I was thinking earlier, that being as there are only 180 economics students, we should disband the football team and give all the funding and scholarship to us. Plus we'll amount to more in life and be able to give back to the university.

To all the guys who wear their pants halfway down their legs … what logic made you do that? How the heck can you do anything other than walking? And what is the point of wearing a belt when you do that, seriously?

Until I find a bumper sticker that says "Bush can bite me," I guess my Kerry/Edwards one will have to do.

I like talking to the people who pass out fliers on the Plaza. They make me feel like I have friends.

This is a response to the person asking about the decals on hunter's trucks. The silhouette of the deer is the Browning Company; they are a gun and outdoor product manufacture. The silhouette of the duck head is Ducks Unlimited; they are the largest wetland conservation organization in the nation. If you have questions you should ask a hunter; we aren't bad people.

I saw a human pyramid the other day. It was totally unnecessary.

To all the ladies that are put off by a round protruding belly, just remember one thing: It's not a beer gut but a fuel tank to a sex machine.

A few words to all those short people out there who think it sucks to be short – clothes, car seats, airplane seats and especially door jams – OUCH!

Tom Clancy's "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" is by far the best video game ever. That's why I play it with my friend Jesse and Luke every night. There has been so much controversy about Kerry and Bush in RamTalk lately to see who is better I thought I would solve everyone's' problems. Tom Clancy for president!

To whoever is pissed at Californians moving to Colorado and calls themselves native because their family has lived in Colorado since 1894: Do you really think you are native? Before you call yourself native, realize that history long precedes 1894.

I think Celestial Seasons needs to come up with some new sappy clich�s for their tea bags.

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