To the editor:

Apr 262005

This letter is in reference to Tyler Wittman's column in Tuesday's Collegian. First of all, the Catholic Church is not now, nor ever has been since its conception "suffering," nor has it been "brought to its knees" by the molestation scandals. Your just regurgitating some media catch phrase you heard while watching CNN or Fox. May I remind you that the Catholic Church is a 2,000-year-old institution, with much more success and history than any Protestant denomination and is also the very forefather of your present religion. Every non-Catholic Christian church splintered off from Catholicism, starting with the Lutherans. If it weren't for the Catholic Church, your present Protestant Church would not exist.

Secondly, before you take the role of a biblical theologian, claiming that neither the infallibility of the Pope nor the required celibacy of the clergy is mentioned in the Bible, I refer you to the following:

Concerning the role of the pope: Matthew 16: 17-19 and John 21: 15-17

Concerning the required celibacy of the clergy: Mathew 19: 12 and I Corinthians 7:7-8 and 32-35.

Furthermore, the pope is not merely a man, as stated in your article. Christ himself gave the Keys of the Kingdom to Peter, the first pope, therefore choosing him as the founder of his Church on earth. In turn every pope is a successor of Peter, and therefore, not merely a man.

Finally, before you criticize John Paul II for his mistakes, take a look at the errors in your own article.

Brian M. Worker


Open-option major

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