Apr 262005

Because of a serious communication error and lapse in judgment, several inappropriate comments were included in the RamTalk section of Tuesday's Collegian. The comments should have been taken out. RamTalk is supposed to be an open forum for people to discuss various issues in an appropriate and civilized manner. While this does not always happen, RamTalk should not be a forum for excessively cruel, obscene or inflammatory statements. The Collegian apologizes for offense taken to any of the remarks.

I'm glad I see less Ugg boots around. I'm from Alaska, where they were invented, and let me tell you, even Alaskans know they look ridiculous, and we are like 10 years behind the rest of the country in fashion.

I am SO looking forward to the day I can eat my clone in burger form … Or will he be eating me? hmmm…

So when there is a new pope he gets a new pope name. Does that mean that everyone has a pope name? Is that like your stripper name? Like your first cardinal's name and the street that you live on? John Paul Prospect…? No, that just doesn't have the same ring as Benedict XVI.

To the person who asked what RSVP stands for, it stands for R�pondez S'il Vous Pla�t. That is French for please reply.

Word to the wise: Don't accidentally swig too much Vicks 44 when you are sick and go to class. The ability to pay attention and remain coherent is out of the question.

"Oregon Trail" – best game ever. It sucks though when you get 400 pounds of buffalo and can only bring 200 back to your wagon.

What is with the decals on hunter's trucks? The majestic silhouette of a deer or duck head. Shouldn't it depict the animal limp, dead and bloody the way hunters actually like to see them?

I don't have a girlfriend – but I know at least one girl who would be really pissed if she heard me say that.

The only thing worse than a political left/right winger is a college student left/right winger because most have zero real-life experience to base their ramblings on. Get over yourselves and realize you've both got some good ideas, but mostly not. Centrists in '08.

I like how we can get hammered on campus before class but not in the stadium during a football game. Brilliant logic. What would we do without the Alcohol Task Force?

So I asked this really beautiful girl out. She said "maybe." … my horoscope was way off!

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