Campus Blotter

Apr 262005

Monday April 25

Burglary to University Greenhouses on April 21 and April 23 with plants being stolen.

Bike theft at Newsom Hall between April 19 and April 25. Red and silver Specialized Rock Hopper taken.

Citation for underage liquor – location not listed.

Accident at Anatomy/Zoology Building lot.

Fire alarm at BL3 Lab at Foothills Campus. Water got onto sprinkler head – Technicians following up.

Fire alarm at Engineering Research Center was caused by welders.


DUI arrest on Meridian Avenue.

Noise call at International House resulted in warning.

Delivered emergency message to custodian at Palmer Center regarding family member at Poudre Valley Hospital.

Call of dog in Gifford Building – gone on arrival.

Call of suspicious vehicle near Atmospheric Sciences Building. Car belongs to student and building was secure. Officers will try to contact student to see why the car was there so late.

Foot patrol around residence halls and several other buildings. All OK.

Checked outlying campuses and all parking lots.

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