To the editor:

Apr 252005

In response to Matt Hitt's ramblings in his Monday column, I'd like to provide a few rants of my own:

* There are kids all over the world who don't have money for food or clothing. If you have a better idea than raising money to feed and clothe them, we'd all like to hear it. Don't fool yourself; if you and the rest of the student population of this university were destitute, you wouldn't be here.

* Michael Jackson is being tried for child molestation in one of the most sensational cases of this century. There's plenty of material there: It would be more appropriate (and probably funnier) if you hadn't stooped to racial and gender slurs just to make a joke.

* Personally, I enjoy the "exhausting political debate" that normally occupies the space in the Collegian that you've chosen to stink up. Reducing that debate to terms of "President Canoe-Head" versus "President Empty-Head" is insulting to those of us who use OUR heads for something besides smashing beer cans. By the way, it would be extremely difficult for a stupid person, as you've implied, to become president. Maybe you should try just to prove me wrong.

*What does it take to become a weekly columnist for the Collegian? A penchant for being insulting and degrading, apparently.

*Does Matt Hitt have to be so annoying?

Charles A. Sawyer

Maintenance Engineering Technician

Facilities Services

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