Apr 252005
Authors: Vincent Adams

Since spring has sprung I have opted to walk to class instead of taking the bus. After all, those moments are the only time I am able to escape the various dungeons I use to study and write papers. Tree blossoms smell good.

These moments also allow me to take in the propaganda war still taking place on the windows and bumpers of automobiles and in windowpanes of residence hall rooms and houses around town.

One particular cluster of Bush signs on a north side residence hall never fails to grant me a chuckle. For three connected rooms there are seven signs: six Bush/Cheney and an altered Kerry/Edwards sign with the caption "lost" underneath Kerry's name. Other rooms also feature presidential candidate signs, although Bush clearly wins the propaganda war because he is the winner, and Bush people take every opportunity to reveal their scarlet letter ("W") of idiocy. Go team.

What is interesting with the Bush versus Kerry sticker/sign war is the Bush brigade uses these for gloating, while Kerry kids reveal resistance.

Bushites seem to think it is "uber" cool that their president won an election after screwing up so many things. I guess that is something to be proud of-it takes a lot of hard work to cover up your mistakes, evade accountability and manipulate a snoozing electorate into voting for you. Be proud, Bush people. Four more years!

However, every time I see a Kerry/Edwards sticker I feel a sense of tragedy. These folks saw corruption and evil in the White House and wanted to make a small dent in the problems Bush created his first four years. Sure, not many of these folks truly liked Kerry because he is a blue-hued version of political corruption, but that blue hue makes a lot of difference.

Kerry kids use these stickers/signs in an act of defiance against a country that is more and more synergizing to the dumbfounding and McCarthy-esque ways of a mobilized and corrupt conservative base. Kerry kids are true patriots. Though I would say too many Kerry kids, and liberals in general, complain when they should be taking action. I, too, need to stop complaining and start doing.

Regardless of ideology, gloating for an administration that dropped the ball in so many profound ways is ridiculous. Just once I want to hear a Bushite acknowledge the administration's mistakes. And I don't mean a typical, non-acknowledgement cleverly rationalizing the irrational. One Bushite saying, "You know what? He did screw up. He'd better not make the same mistakes again. Or I'll actually think before I vote." Instead you get shrugging shoulders, rolling eyes and "W" stickers on window panes.

Finally, I wonder who reading this remembers my rant about the "Support our troops" magnets. Since then things have gotten a lot worse. Soon after my Jan. 19 article there was a mass explosion of these things-everywhere. It started with camouflage ones. Jungle print. Desert print. Polka-dot print. Then I noticed more and more morons with three to four, five to six, seven to eight, of these bad boys on their car. Obviously, supporting our troops isn't possible with ONLY one magnet and definitely not possible without one.

But the most disturbing magnet I've seen was a ribbon magnet with the University of Kansas colors and the school's logo on the bottom of the left tail. Wow.

Vincent Adams is an English graduate student. His column runs every Tuesday in the Collegian.

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