Apr 242005
Authors: Jon Pilsner

Quarterback Billy Farris lining up to kick an extra point. A two-point conversion foiled on a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown – worth two points. And a walk-on kicker who won the game.

Not quite your average football game? Nope, just the way the annual Green and Gold game – the culmination of spring football practices – took place on Saturday before an estimated crowd of more than 4,000 at French Field in Fort Collins.

In the end, it was walk-on kicker Jarrod Lamb who won the game for the Green squad, kicking a 43-yard field goal with 48 seconds left in the game.

As the game ended, a jubilant Dan Hammerschmidt, coach of the victorious Green team, jumped into the arms of a kicker whose name Hammerschmidt didn't know.

"Right now, Lamb is my favorite Ram," Hammerschmidt said.

Both sides accused the other of cheating. Both coaches said things happened that weren't supposed to. The night before the game, there were covert trades for centers and kickers.

Hammerschmidt, CSU's offensive coordinator, accused Steve Stanard, CSU's defensive coordinator and Gold team coach, of cheating.

"He said he wasn't going to blitz; it was against the rules," Hammerschmidt said. "But he must have blitzed 45-50 times."

Stanard refuted Hammerschmidt's claim.

"We weren't blitzing," Stanard said, laughing when told of Hammerschmidt's accusations. "Our linebackers were just reading the play fast. They were just quick."

Other highlights from the day included senior safety Ben Stratton running routes as receiver and redshirt freshman quarterback Billy Farris lining up for an extra point. It was a trick play, of course.

However, Farris' pass to the end zone was intercepted by Gold cornerback Darryl Williams, who returned it 100 yards for a 2-point touchdown, one of the rarest occurrences in football.

However, the game seemed to meet the goal of the day: having fun.

"We accomplished two goals today," said head coach Sonny Lubick. "We had fun and came away injury-free, pretty much."

The Rams did suffer two injuries, both on the offensive side of the football. Junior wide receiver Dustin Osborn broke his collarbone and sophomore H-back Kory Sperry separated his shoulder. Both are expected to be ready for fall camp.

Still, the players found reasons to enjoy themselves.

"It's great to come out and just play around after all the work we've done this spring," Stratton said. "We put in a ton of work, so this was a good way to end it."

Senior Justin Holland looked good while recovering from a broken ankle suffered last season. He was 11-for-17 for 138 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.

The running backs also performed well for both squads. Gold sophomore Kyle Bell ended the day with 52 yards on 12 carries, and Green running back Jimmy Green had 71 yards on 14 carries, including two touchdowns.

Senior wideout David Anderson made a near-impossible touchdown catch to open the scoring for the Gold team.

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