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Apr 242005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

With the continuing deterioration of our planet's environment, people should be doing anything they can to help maintain the beauty and purity of our natural resources.

Several city programs offer Fort Collins residents rewards for finding alternative means of transportation to cut down on air pollution.

The Drive Less and Smart Ride programs are great concepts to encourage people to clean up the air, but we should not have to be offered rewards for being responsible citizens. Individuals should want to make an effort to preserve the environment.

There are many ways of getting to campus without everyone driving cars. Many students live within walking or biking distance of campus. All full-time fee-paying students can also get Transfort bus passes. Still, students often look like malnourished vultures as they hunt for coveted parking spaces throughout the day.

Besides the obvious environmental benefits of driving less, alternative transportation could alleviate the stress of finding a parking space and being late for class when you have to circle the lot for 20 minutes. Fort Collins and the CSU campus are also very biker-friendly, as bike lanes are provided almost everywhere throughout the city.

Spring is here, so students should get out and enjoy the beautiful weather by walking or biking to school. If April showers make students skeptical, they can put on a rain jacket. Daylight-saving time is also in effect, so lack of sunlight cannot be an excuse for students who get out of class late.

If each individual does his or her part to drive less, our society will gain more.

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