Apr 212005

Something I learned yesterday: Don't put your shoes in the microwave to dry them out … it doesn't work, don't try it.

I thought grad school would be a good idea after finishing my undergrad, but today I got my first double dose: student FYI and grad student FYI. Obviously it was a bad idea.

Have you ever been the only one to enjoy one of your pranks … and be the only one who didn't remember it? I have. Awkward.

What's up with eight hot dogs being in one package and six buns in one package. Do they want me to buy three hot dog packages and four bun packages and oversell me on a bunch of food I am not going to eat? By the way, I need to get rid of some extra hot dogs if anyone wants them.

I want to know what cop really believes that the frat houses are "dry."

Hump day … now there's false advertising for you.

The group from Campus Crusade that helped the fraternity is called Zoe, and is a group specifically for Greeks. Besides, I didn't know that there were limitations to the groups of people that Christians can help and serve.

Dear Ryan Chapman. I play Frisbee golf. I love Cheeba Hut. I work out at the rec every day. I have a 3.7 GPA in the business school. I smoke marijuana. I voted for Bush. You disappoint me. Sincerely, a Republican who can look past stereotypes.

A conversation I overheard in the hall…

Stoner 1 "I'm psyched about tonight"

Stoner 2 "what's tonight?"

Stoner 1 "do you know what today is?"

Stoner 2 "vaguely"

Stoner 1 "its 4-20!"

Stoner 2 "oh, yea, haha"

If you ever want to see your cherry Chap Stick again, put 35 cents in a paper bag and leave it under the podium in Clark 202, and await further instructions. NO COPS!

One of the hardest things to do in life is … put socks on when your feet are wet.

Listen. Some people drink, some don't. Some people smoke cigarettes, some can't stand the smell. Some people smoke pot, some think it's evil. Some people enjoy cutting open cadavers in Anatomy, some can't stand the smell AND think it's evil. So I think it's time to accept the choices of your friends and peers (to some extent, obviously). If you can't see that people are going to enjoy things that you do not, then enroll in online classes at the University of Phoenix. My smoking section outside is getting a little crowded anyways.

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