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Apr 212005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It's that time of the year again. Among the greening leaves and colorful flowers decorating Fort Collins and the CSU campus, spring fever has abruptly surfaced in many students.

However, with the warming weather students need to be aware of the consequences of letting their parties get out of hand.

Last August, the community and university were disappointed when Fort Collins Police Services had to respond to large, out-of-control parties two nights in a row. In both these incidents, the parties erupted into riots.

Tear gas was dispensed at both scenes, and while there were no severe injuries, damage was done to parked cars, street signs, homes and other properties. Over those two nights, 24 noise-violation tickets were issued and five people were arrested, according the city of Fort Collins Web site.

Although it can be fun to party, especially during warm spring and summer nights, it is unacceptable for students to light couches on fire, turn over cars and put yourself and others in danger just because.

University officials and the city of Fort Collins are urging students to understand laws pertaining to noise levels, nuisance gatherings and riots before hosting or attending parties.

Students need to remember to be responsible citizens of the Fort Collins community, taking into account that actions of a group of students reflects on the university as a whole.

This type of behavior also increases the community's desire to enforce rules such as the three-unrelated ordinance, which is not beneficial to students who live off campus.

Don't let our school get a bad reputation for mistakes by a small group of students. Please party responsibly.

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