Campus Blotter

Apr 212005


Graffiti at Engineering Building.


Theft of temporary license plate from car on Laurel Street at Industrial Sciences Building.


Theft of painting from Art Building between February and now.


Vandalism to patrol car in CSU Police Department lot.


Accident at Painter Center lot.


Theft of orange/black Gary Fisher bike at Ellis Hall overnight.


Intrusion alarm at 222 W. Laurel St. caused by staff.


Call of marijuana at Parmelee Hall – nothing found on arrival.


Assisted parents on case from last week, checked South Campus and buildings there – all OK.


Checked Foothills Campus – several Traffic Enforcement and Education Program cites on Rampart Road.


Call of male propositioning women on the Student Center Plaza – he was gone on arrival.


Call of protestor at the Circus at Equine Center – removed without incident.


Seven other TEEP cites, several Bike Enforcement and Education Program warnings and some drivers warned.



Theft of power tools at Art Building.


Foot patrol at Art Building regarding the above resulted in contact with transient in D-wing. Was arrested for trespass, second time since February.


Two women at Allison Hall met some guys at Suite 152. Later they asked that we remove one of the males – both removed and warned regarding trespass.


Nonstudent male going from room to room at Edwards Hall was removed and warned regarding trespass.


Assisted Fort Collins Police Services with drug-related traffic stop on College Avenue.


Event at Equine Center went OK.


Checked remote campuses, lots and several buildings – all OK except for cases above.


CSUPD writes the blotter. The Collegian edits for AP style and size.

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