Veronica May Profile

Apr 202005

Year: Senior

Major: Music Therapy

How she describes her sound: An emotional blend, comparable to Jewel or Norah Jones

How she got into music: Started playing piano at 3 years old and guitar at 17

Her influences: Her mother and high school band teacher, Shelly Marino

Instruments she plays: Drum set, timpani, snare, marimba, guitar, piano, trumpet and tuba.

Her CDs: "First Steps," "Major Therapy" and "Fragments of Emotion"

Where you can pick them up: The Wired Bean Coffee Shop, $10

Where you can catch her act: The Wired Bean Coffee Shop

How fame has affected her thus far: "I was walking down the street the other day and the guy inside the College Cafe gave me free egg drop soup because he recognized me from CSU Idol."

What advice she gives to a future CSU Idol hopeful: Don't be something you are not. Be real and have a good time. Don't care what others may think of your clothes or what you might look like. Don't use your voice when you sing – use your heart."

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