Apr 202005

I just wanted to say whoever thought of RamTalk is a genius! It makes for good morning humor.

I commend all of you that use this section of the paper to make people laugh or to say something positive. It is so much better than people using this cloak of anonymity to make a rude comment about the actions or fashion choices of those they do not know.

So, they didn't elect me as the new pope. Wh well, better luck next year … wait.

To all the people using RamRant to anonymously attack people and all the people using it to anonymously respond to said attacks … only monkeys throw poop at each other.

This is for Ryan Chapman: I was gonna vote for Kerry, but then I got high; I was gonna take the Kerry sign out of my yard, but then I got high; I was gonna take the Kerry sticker off my Subaru, but then I got high, then I got high, then I got high…

Am I the only one who thinks it's sad that a debate about pink shirts and popped collars has lasted this long? – MOVE ON PLEASE!

To people who are bothered by Kerry/Edwards signs: Not everybody likes George Bush. Why don't you stop being insecure about it and find something that actually matters to whine about?

Is it weird that I have all of my school supplies stored in a Coors Light box?

Yeah, being nice is lonely.

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