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Apr 192005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

CSU students have a right to know.

When David Karspeck was pronounced dead Nov. 24 after being pulled out of the Student Recreation Center swimming pool, everyone on campus wondered what had happened.

Almost five months later, we're just now finding out.

The problem is, we're not finding out from the people who should be telling us – university officials.

Milan and Pat Karspeck, David Karspecks parents, held a press conference Tuesday to shine light on their son's death, express frustration with the university, and, hopefully, provide closure to people who knew David.

David was underwater for roughly seven minutes while the on-duty lifeguard chatted with a supervisor. A fellow swimmer had to pull him out. This in itself is bad enough, but after David's death, the university did nothing to tell the campus community what had happened.

A death happened on campus out of sheer negligence. While university spokespeople say CSU has changed its pool safety policies, they haven't told us how.

As Pat Karspeck said on Tuesday, "The silence is deafening."

But the Karspeck family and people who knew David deserve more than silence. The university community deserves more than silence.

CSU needs to do more than evaluate and amend its lifeguard policies. It needs to realize that silence is never golden when people's emotions are at stake.

David would have graduated next month.

We have the right to know why he won't.

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