Apr 192005
Authors: Nate Ramos

Game, set, match. The CSU tennis regular season is over.

In their final game of the regular season the Rams beat the Northern Colorado Bears 7-0.

"I think it is a really good way to end the regular season, especially since it was a decisive win," said junior Jessica Jones. "The win will definitely help our confidence."

The Rams got off to a good start early against the Bears. In their first doubles match, sophomore Emily Kirchem and freshman Anne Anderson set the tone by winning 8-4.

However, when it comes to doubles play, two of three wins are necessary to get the point. Junior Carla Pallares and Jones stepped up to the challenge, earning another 8-4 victory to help the Rams get the doubles point.

In singles action, the Rams kept on rolling. They won the first set of every singles match. This blow was one from which the Bears never recovered.

CSU slowly won each singles match, eliminating the Bears one by one. One match did end in a tiebreaker as Anderson took the lead in the second set only to give it away. Then, in the tiebreaker, she fell behind early but came back later for the victory.

"I think we did really well as a team. All of us played aggressive and worked on things we needed to," Kirchem said. "But there is always room for improvement. Hopefully I'm peaked for conference."

With their win over UNC, the Rams improve their overall record to 13-8 and finish 2-5 in the MWC, landing them a fifth-place spot.

Now that the regular season is over, the hunt for the title of Mountain West Conference champion is up for grabs. The Rams will start their run for the title by facing UNLV. In the most recent match between the two teams, the Rebels beat the Rams 6-1. The game's only point came from Anderson.

The MWC Tournament will take place in San Diego, with the Rams taking the court against the Rebels on April 28.

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