Apr 182005
Authors: Amanda Havekost

The high jump competition is an event in which athletes have three attempts to jump over a bar held between two poles 13 feet apart and land on a cushion called a pit.

Many jumpers use the Fosbury Flop technique introduced by 1968 Olympic gold medalist Dick Fosbury. The jumper leaps sideways at the bar and tilts his or her head upward to go over the bar first. The rest of the body follows and the jumper lands on his or her shoulders in the pit.

If the bar is not cleared after three attempts, the athlete is out of the competition.

If the height is cleared, the bar is raised no more than 2 centimeters and the jumper gets three tries at the new height. This repeats until every athlete cannot clear the height three times in a row or is withdrawn from the event.

The winner is the jumper who cleared the highest jump. In the event of a tie, the athlete with the fewest number of missed jumps is named the winner.

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